Threatening Storm

July 24, 2012
Wind rushing through me, and water hitting my face. I lay on the clear white sand waiting for the storm to pass. Screaming propelling from around me but all I can hear is the music streaming into my ears as I view the wavy water. People papering running back and forth; the noise of chaos rising to fill the air. The small sliver of light coming into view, so small I feel like I am imagining it. As the winds begin I can feel myself getting lighter and lighter. Before I know it I’m in the air being pulled away from my peaceful surrounding and brought into what anyone could assume to be h*ll. I feel my breath taken away but no more air can find its way to my lungs. Winds surrounding me, beginning to imprison me in the sky. The peaceful space I was in just moment ago is now gone, pulled away from me like the breath I can’t find for my lungs.

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