July 24, 2012
By BigBear62 BRONZE, Texas City, Texas
BigBear62 BRONZE, Texas City, Texas
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The pistol lay across the coffee table. It seemed that the gun itself was motivating him to raise it above his head and fire. What was to be done?

The soldier thought and thought to himself. War. Greed. Poverty. These elements flooded the entire globe and consumed our leaders. Why was it that the innocent were harmed? Why was it that the less fortunate were so pitied and so ignored? Why was it that the only thing that mattered in this world to everyone else was money?

Questions. You find yourself asking them a lot. Depressing thing is barely anyone has an answer for them.

Maybe what he could do is go walk towards the kitchen counter, snatch himself a knife, and then slash it across his wrist. Painful, but it can’t compare to the sorrows in his gut and the tragedies swirling around him.

The soldier stood up and slammed his fist against the wall, repeatedly. D*mn human race can’t forgive itself for its flaws, he thought.

Thoughts raced inside his mind. What should he do and what should he ignore? What?

He turned towards his phone and checked the date. September 10th 2012.

The thought that the world might end in December, in his opinion, was absolutely paranoid. Didn’t we say the same thing back in 2000?

The soldier’s anger grew until he was completely furious…at the world and at humanity itself.

This world has lost another soldier, yet again.

He grabbed the gun and raised it to his head-

-he hesitated.

What about in his lifetime? Was there any event that scarred him for life?

The soldier thought about it. He grew up in a nice home in Houston. He had loving parents who stayed together until their natural deaths. A good education got him wonderful necessities. He had a well kept apartment with rent that he could afford. He was a soldier who had to serve in the military and was on border patrol once in a while-

It stopped there.

There was nothing wrong with the military. Of course we need defenses in our country. But what was left to be done? Are we repeating history again? Is our freedom being taken away? He was sure of it, but there was so many who didn’t see it.

These bitter thoughts only accelerated his desire to end himself. This world is full of sorrow. Then leave it to our leaders to end it in sorrow.

He ran into the kitchen and snatched the knife. Once the blade nearly came in contact with his olive skin…he thought again.

Just make your decision! Something inside him yelled. Better yet, why don’t you grab your pistol and punish this world? Leave your mark on the human race!

A shooting rampage? Does this world require another? Was it really necessary to gather up all this security and fear that another malicious event could occur? Let it be known that the criminal mind can erupt from even the kindest of people. What goes on in a person’s head is that person’s choice.

The soldier screamed inside his mind. Make your d*mn choice and end it!

He could overdose. In the cabinet he had some pills he used only for emergencies. Sleeping pills would finish him off. Possibly take longer than the gun or the knife.

The landlord would probably find him, sprawled out on the floor, lifeless. The media would get attention on this and it would appear on the news for a day or two, then they’d move on to the next occurring tragedy!

Suddenly, something flashed in his mind. What of his loved ones and those who had sympathy for him? Most of them died naturally, except for his grandfather who had diabetes and expired on his fifth heart attack. The only one left was his younger brother, but he was in Europe studying theology. It may take a while for the news to carry towards him.

That was it. He was to make his choice and finish his decision. Die natural or by the pistol, the knife, or the drugs?

The answer finally arrived inside his mind.

The author's comments:
Thinking about our soldiers and all the stress they live with daily and effects of war that dwell upon them!

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