July 23, 2012
The city lights blur into a clash of colors as you twirl. Your arms are spread, head tilted back, like when you were little. You laugh loud and free because there is no one to restrain yourself for here, just strangers with strange faces and strange smiles who grab your hands and spin you around and follow you back into childhood and let you leave the real world behind, who let the pavement beneath your feet turn to grass and the lights to rainbow stars and the tears in your eyes dry and your heart burst with happiness. You like these strangers, you think, these strangers who aren't strangers at all, these friends you just don't know yet or these friends that you have forgotten, but friends who will be gone come morning, transformed back into adults who will stare at you with sad eyes and say sad words as they stand still sadly and do not dance with you. But for now, you tuck your mind in and let it sleep, and allow yourself to belong to a world of strangeness and grown up children.

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