The Invaders

July 16, 2012
By CanaBean PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
CanaBean PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
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It began like any other day, mother was working overtime at the insurance company that put a roof over our heads while my brother and sister were away at their colleges. "Watch your niece today", my sister had said to me just before she left for a good five hours. I'm sixteen, it's bad enough that I have the fear of getting zits on my face the size of R2-D2, but now I had to watch over my three year old niece who drooled so much that it was possible for her to make bubbles on her face. Honestly, there's no better way to spend my Saturday, changing diapers and watching re-runs of "Yo-Gabba-Gabba", note the sarcasm. Although I thought that show "Olivia" was pretty hysterical. When I woke up in the morning and gave Jayliene, my niece, her breakfast I noticed something peculiarly different in the news casters. Even over their perfectly applied make-up I saw terror written on their face. I stared at the television with curiosity and before I could even comprehend my last thought on the matter a news caster by the name of James Hansel stated that "a new government has invaded the United States". Suddenly, the power shut off and chills ran down my spine. I quickly turned to Jayliene's crib and noticed that she was sleeping on her pink knitted blanket. "Maybe since she's asleep it can buy me some time to pack bags of supplies, food and a first aid kit", I thought. My instinctive path lead me to the bathroom, where I obtained bandages, medicine, and wash cloths; Then to the bedrooms to pack clothes and shoes. I then decide to make an additional stop by the laundry room where we kept the flashlights and tools. Finally, I packed food that wouldn't spoil quickly like cereal, canned foods, crackers, and water. Just to be sure I had everything under control I made a quick mental check list to keep it organized. After I had everything I went to check my cell phone, hoping that my family had called or, for my sake, that the phone was even working to begin with; no such luck occurred. It was at that moment that I realized that the people invading our country weren't people who just woke up in the morning and decided to invade the U.S., they knew what they were doing. Especially when they cut off the electricity and any means of communication. In school we always read life stories of people running away from their countries because of the lack of freedom or the power of the government there, I thought that maybe I should have listened more due to the fact that it's happening to me again. I started to wonder what our next door neighbors were doing right then, were they as freaked out as I was or were they just ignoring because they weren't ready to face it. Whatever the pandemic I was determined to find out, I gazed out the window and see no one just gray clouds moving in the skies and a roaring fire of a gunshot in the distance. That single gunshot sound had clicked everyone possible joint in my body and I dashed for the backpack and Jayliene. Followed by the gunshot I heard screaming from families down the street, the invaders were going door by door breaking in to whatever home and capturing the victims that once lived there. I'm a child, not yet an adult, with a another child depending on me to save her life, not just mine . Was there any glimmer of hope that we would make it through this alive? Jayliene and I walked through the back of the house and out of the back gate. We headed towards a deserted field towards the back of the neighborhood and away from the commotion, where we would then make our way into a woods area that not many people know of. As we made our way a young boy and girl ran up to me in panic, they looked terrified. The oldest, the girl, started off by saying that the invaders came into her home and took her parents forcing her and her younger brother to fled. I told her that she and her brother could come with us, even though in the long run it would mean our supplies would be gone faster. I just couldn't leave them behind. We kept moving until we couldn't see the neighborhood anymore. Upon walking through the narrow forest we saw shades of light and a cement road. We headed towards it as fast as we could and finally we saw a shack. It wasn't much. I was small and looked as if it had been abandoned for some time, but it was shelter and it was the closest thing to safety that we had.

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