Who I Am: Chapter 2

July 15, 2012
By wolfwriter GOLD, Middletown, Connecticut
wolfwriter GOLD, Middletown, Connecticut
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Chapter 2: Jinx

I stood at the library desk, my backpack full of books. The librarian was really nice to me and let me borrow them over the summer, knowing I'd return all of them.

"Oh! Hello, Jinx." Mrs. Clark greeted me. "Did you like some of my suggestions?"

I took the books out of my backpack and put them on the drop-off counter. "Yeah, they were great." I looked around as I took the books out and my eyes met another pair. They were a pretty mix of blue and green, made prettier and brighter with black eyeliner. I focused back to look at the rest of the person...or girl I should say.

She was easily taller than me, if she was standing, and she was curvy: large chest, thin waist, and round hips. Her dirty blond hair fell straight to just below her shoulders, the light strands contrasted by black streaks. She wore a dark t-shirt, showing a pale neck and arms. Worn jeans covered her long legs, and finally were a pair of scuffed Adidas.

She was pretty, but I didn't swing that way. Aaaaaand her eyes were still on me. "Okay. You're all set, Jinx." Mrs. Clark spoke up, bringing my attention away from the other female. "Are you getting any more books?"

I smiled, "Of course." I slung my backpack over one shoulder and walked over to the fiction area. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the girl still glancing at me. At least she wasn't staring anymore. I looked at the books and pulled out my favorite one that I've read at least seven times.

"Are...you new here?" I heard and turned toward the voice. It was the girl.

"Um..no, I'm not," I smiled to her, "Are you?"

She shook her head. "I'm a junior. Lilith, by the way." She stuck her hand out.

We shook. "Jinx."

She raised one eyebrow, "Really?"

I gave a little giggle, "Yeah. My parents can be alittle odd sometimes, even with me."

"Ah. Sooo...how come I haven't seen you before?"

I shrugged. "Guess our paths just haven't crossed." I turned back to the bookshelf, wondering how to end the conversation.

"Well...I guess I'll see you around then. It was nice meeting you, Jinx."

I let out a small sigh of relief and smiled to her, "Nice meeting you too...Lilith." I watched as she grabbed her things and left the library. My eyes narrowed as a large male, one of the school football players, saw her and started following close behind her. Now why was that?

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