Locked On You- Part Two

July 8, 2012
By Anonymous

They became best friends, then boyfriend and girlfriend, and then a wonderful combination of the two. I saw my friends’ smiles grow wider every day that they were with each other. They made everyone happy. They soon became “the couple” and it was great. They made everyone, including each other, smile constantly.
If they were broken, they fixed each other. If they were sad, they made each other happy. If they were happy, they made sure to keep each other like that. If they were anything bad, they made each other something good. If they were something good, they helped each other stay that way. It was the most wonderful thing that I have ever seen.
They fell for each other a little more every day and everyone saw it. They never admitted to anyone that they loved each other, they didn’t need to. They knew it, others knew it, but it was never flat out said. There was no need for that. When you feel it mutually, you don’t need to say it verbally.

The author's comments:
Still midnight, still can't sleep. Here's part two. Enjoy.

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