"Tell Me it's Real"

July 1, 2012
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My hearts crying out loud, I just want you, please just be mine, for one night , frozen in time, I want to see your face, just a real peek into my dreams, I want to live out loud and touch you, I want to press my lips against yours and melt away and let my body go, I want to fall into your arms and just be weak, I want you to hold me up and hold me close to you, I want to see you happy and know I’m making you smile, I want to just cry because I know my fantasies won’t come true, it’s been so long and the nights have been rough, endless thoughts that roam my mind, hopeless hope that one day we will meet again, all to be wrong, I just want, once that for once I am right, that I will see you, that I will be in your arms, that my fingers are oh so tightly laced and holding onto yours, knowing and wondering if it will be the last, I can’t face this truth of the world that I face, alone, walking the beach with no one to call my own, I want you and it’s been that way for so long now, why can’t u see I could give you my all forever and eternally. Please just be mine; just once, just let me know that what I feel isn’t a mistake, what I feel must be real, it’s how I feel and it crowds my blood and pumps my chest, my pulse quickens and my nights are never at rest. Please I want you and in this weird way I need you, you don’t even want me the same and I still crave your attention, am I insane? Please, just please let me see you, just once, so I know this love is real.

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