A Miraculous Escape

June 29, 2012
By FutureWriter101 PLATINUM, Gabarone, Other
FutureWriter101 PLATINUM, Gabarone, Other
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"Wow, can't believe they're at it again. Said Sharon norman. A young, light brown skinned, bright eyed girl of 16, was sitting alone in her room, when she could just about hear the muffled voices of her parents screaming and yelling at each other again. 

They had been at it for over five months now but tonight, things were worse. She wanted nothing more than peace in this house, but now it seemed like as though she wasn't even going to get that anymore. 

She then decided that enough was enough but telling her parents that, was going to be difficult. So with that thought in mind she began to walk slowly out of her room, down the stairs and into the lounge. When she arrived, a glass vase shot right across her face and hit the wall behind her with a thunderous crash. 

She looked over at her parents, who were now facing each other, with a look of utter hatred spread across their faces. "you disgusting fat old women!!" yelled her dad. "you sad ugly excuse for a man!! I don't know why I ever fell in love with you!!" her mother replied. Then before she knew it, they were both wrestling each other to the ground. They punched, kicked and scratched every inch of their bodies that they could reach. Sharon tried to pull them off one another but it was simply  impossible. 

She didn't know what else she could do at this point. Things seemed so bleack and uncertain. The first thing that came to her mind was running away from home, which is exactly what she planned to do. As she snuck out of the room, she made her way over to her parents room and grabbed some money out of her mothers purse and her dad's wallet. She then went back to her room, were she packed a light bag for her to carry, on her journey to the unknown. 

Once she had managed to capture everything that she needed, she crept down the stairs and into the kitchen. She opened the back door and left without another word. Her parents hadn't even noticed she had gone. When everything  was all clear for her to leave, she ran as far as she possibly could, from that one place she used to call home.  

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