Flight or Fight

June 23, 2012
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So there comes a time in nearly every boys life, were they need too prove their man hood. I however do not believe in such things. But it seems as though that in order to be accepted by my peers I must do what they expect me to do. 

See in a typical American high school you have the jocks, the geeks, the techno nerds, the populars, the losers, the goths, the skateboarders and so on and so forth. You might be wondering were do I fit in, in all of this. Well Andrew Jackson does not fit in anywhere. I'm neither smart, nor athletic, or rich, or into any hard core dark make up and music. I do not have any interest in technology nor do I have any interest in science, maths or astronomy. I'm just an ordinary kid, that some how manages to get myself in very odd predicaments. 

It all started when, I was  innocently trying to read my spider man comic book during lunch time. Was  sitting up against my mucus green colored  locker, with my head down and my perfect conditioned comic lying comfortably open on my lap. I was just getting to the part when spider man was about to fight the green goblin for the first time and then "he" happened to walk by.

One minuet spider man was getting out of harms way and the next minuet I was being smacked in the face with my own comic book. I had had just about enough of this jerk. He has been harassing me for as long as I can remember. For years he has been throwing me in those really big, smelly, metal light green dust bins, punching me in the stomach, smacking my books clear out of my hands, embarrassing me to the point where I wanted to hide my face in shame and many more unspeakable, nasty,evil deeds. 

Today was the last straw. So here I am ready for action. I stood up, pushed my glasses up to my face and was preparing myself for my very own face off. As I opened my mouth however, nothing came out. Everyone stared at me like I had gone insane. I can't believe my voice chose to disappear at that very crucial point of my life but sadly it did. When every one realized that I clearly wasn't going to say anything, they all pierced my ears with their mocking sounds of laughter. It filled the atmosphere with disgrace and humiliation. When I finally came to my senses I ran off, directly towards the boys bathroom. I wanted to ball my eyes out, but nothing appeared. I suppose I  was too numb with uncertain emotion that my eyes did not feel the need to show it.

I guess my moment off pure utter, manly, glory is soon too come. I just chose the wrong time is all. Uh well, seems like as if it's back to the usual routine. I just hope that if I do get that moment, it'll be in front of everyone who has ever called me a loser and made me feel worthless. It will be in front of those who have made it clear that in thier eyes, my life had no meaning and I was just a useless sad excuse for a man. It'll be especially in front of the guy who has made my high school career a living nightmare, ever since I walked through those vast ruby red double doors. They will regret it. He will regret it...soon enough. I swear it. 

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