The Life of Fish

June 24, 2012
By Shontella Heart BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
Shontella Heart BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
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Fish rode his bicycle into the famous pizza store, “Raganuchi.” He was a poor pizza maker and he barely earned enough to pay the rent for his house. Fish’s real name was Hugo, but all his friends called him fish because his face was shaped like a fish. His eyes were very far apart and his lips always seemed to be formed into the shape of an “O.” Fish had been working at Raganuchi for about 10 years, but no one ever gave him a promotion or a raise. The only thing that Fish ever wanted was to quit his job and laze around at home. The only trouble was that if he quit work, he wouldn’t be able to support himself and he would have to live on the streets. Suddenly Fish snapped back to reality and heard his boss screaming at him. That’s the only thing he heard all day. People screaming at him to do this and do that and to make pizzas, but Fish was sick of it. He had the sudden urge to go on an adventure. He turned away from his boos, hopped back on his bicycle and went to the travel agency. Fish needed a vacation, away from all the yelling and screaming. He decided to spend all his money savings on a cruise to the Bahamas. He booked one ticket for a luxurious cruise. The next day he woke up very early, packed all his things and took a taxi to the airport. Since Fish lived in Massachusetts, he had to go to Florida and his cruise would start there. On the plane Fish thought about how much money he was spending, but he knew that he wanted some time to himself and that this is what he had been saving all the money for. When the plane landed, Fish took another taxi to the cruise dock. There were two cruise ships that were docked in the water, so Fish got aboard the one he thought looked best. But, as soon as he boarded the large ship, he realized that he had got on the wrong one. There was a banner in front of him that said “welcome aboard, we sail to Haiti.” Fish turned away and ran to the entrance but the ship had already set sail and he was stuck. Fish wouldn’t have minded any other country, but the fact that Haiti had just been hit by an earthquake just didn’t seem very relaxing. Fish decided to just enjoy the cruise and that he would take a plane back to Massachusetts as soon as he reached Haiti. A week passed and Fish enjoyed himself on the cruise. An announcement was announced on the speaker. The person said that they would all arrive in Haiti shortly. Fish ran to the deck and looked outside. Not much was visible from the part of the ship that he was standing at so he went back inside. As soon as the ship stopped he went outside. All the building were broken and run-down. Fish stepped forward. He noticed all the homeless people all the people just wandering around. The sight was devastating. Fish didn’t realize that the people who lived in Haiti had a very hard life. No one wants an earthquake, but when it hits, no one can control it. Fish felt horrible for the people in Haiti and he realized that his life wasn’t half as bad. He realized that he had a good life and everything was going great for him. He had a good house, a good job and he was able to buy himself food and he was able to get water. Fish went back to his own house the next day, but he wasn’t sad, he was grateful for whatever he had and he knew that going away wouldn’t change his life, only he could change it for himself.

The author's comments:
I hope that people will realize that they should be grateful for whatever they have and the don't have to go looking for a new life, they need to change it on their own.

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