The Golden Knob

June 15, 2012
By Gjilsime BRONZE, Staten Island, New York
Gjilsime BRONZE, Staten Island, New York
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She stroked her hair as she sat looking at her image. Her heart full of anguish with the thought of her mother. With each stroke, she brushed her never ending tears away from her rosy pink cheeks. She gently placed the brush down, reminding herself of her mother, onto the old vintage dresser. It's faded out golden knobs remained with the memory of her mother's comfort. As she opened the middle draw which had been engraved with the tiniest letters, she soon came across an old photo album. She slowly opened the front cover, gently laying her fingers upon a photo of what she had known to be her life. As she looked closely at the photo, she soon saw what would appear to be some sort of flash from the corner of her eyes. She quickly stood upon her feet, wiped her tears and believed it had been a sign that something would occur. Something cosmic, that only the heavens could control.

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