Don't procrastinate

June 14, 2012
By Anonymous

As he looked at the blank screen, the student realized something. If he didn’t do his work now, it would just show up later. But that didn’t matter to him, it was just a short story, that was easy. So, instead of working on his short story, he went and looked at online comics.
After about half an hour of reading and re-reading online comics, a little part of his mind said something. “You really should get to work you know,” It whispered from the back of his mind, “this assignment won’t do itself.”
“But I don’t want to work,” He thought to himself. He knew that he’d get his work done in time anyway. He always did.
“Do your work” It said again.
The boy thought. The little thing at the back of his head may be right. He always procrastinated doing random things on the internet, and his work came out half-baked. It was fake, not something he really wanted to turn in, but something that he had to, because of the due date.
“Meh,” He thought, resigning himself to a world of online jokes, strange faces, talking fruit, and many other things.
A while later, the voice popped up again. “Its due in two days, If you won’t do the whole assignment, at least do part of it” The little voice said.
The boy, realizing that this was probably a good idea, went to his computer to start writing his story. His room was a mess, and it took him about five minutes to find it. “There you are,” He said to his computer when he found it. Half buried under a pile of laundry, and smelling vaguely of socks. “Well, time to do this” He said to no-one in particular.
“Yes, we’re doing an assignment BEFORE THE DAY BEFORE IT’S DUE!” Said that small part of his brain that was against procrastination. Then he opened the laptop.
As he opened the laptop, he realised a crucial mistake he had made: The last time he had been on the laptop, he had left open a window of funny pictures of cats. There was nothing he, or that small, wonderful, procrastination hating part of his brain could do. The internet had pulled him back in, when he had been so close to actually working.
“NO!” That tiny part of him screamed, but to no avail. The poor poor freshman had been pulled successfully in by the internets hilarious joke filled world. The assignment would not be completed on that day.
The next day, when he got home from school, he was ready to start, Completely ready to start and finish this tiny assignment. He was going to get it over with, and THEN go onto the online games. “Well. five minutes couldn’t hurt” He thought to himself, opening up a gaming site to play old games, such as pacman.
“Not again!” Yelled that small part of him that wanted this done. “You need to finish this! It’s due soon!”
“But I only want to go on for five minutes!” The boy replied, not realising how strange him saying those words really was.
“When was the last time you only went on ‘for five minutes’?” Asked the intelligent part of his mind.
The freshman couldn’t remember.
“Exactly, now work.” His mind said.
So, the freshman stared at the blank screen, and decided that if he really had to do something, he knew what he had to do. The next day, he turned in a half baked story about a freshman trying and failing to not procrastinate.

The author's comments:
This is just a warning.

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