The Final Mission has Failed

June 11, 2012
By sebastian Albagli BRONZE, Santiago, Other
sebastian Albagli BRONZE, Santiago, Other
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The Final Mission has Failed

I. Who are we?

We are the men in black and we were chosen. We are here for a mission and we are never together. You would never recognize us, or so we thought. We were divided between cities and once a week we would get together at a bar. A bar no one knows, a bar you would never know. A bar no one had ever seen.
Welcome to my life. My name is Sam Groshmann and the day has arrived. You are ready to know the truth. Our 6000 year plan has failed, yesterday. Big bang? That was easy. Ice age? Even simpler. 1944 was the year this plan failed, and today, May 5th 1962 I’m here to face the truth. Through history, we have used religion and wars to cover our mission, however today this has to come to an end. We have been revealed and it is a matter of time for you to figure it out. Information is traveling too fast, and we know if we don’t tell you now, in a couple of decades you would not just confront and accept the truth. So let me try explaining this to you, it will all make sense.

II. Just try to understand

As I said before, my name is Sam Groshmann, and I was chosen. It is very difficult to explain. Our mission is crucial, or was, until today. We are the foundation of humanity. In other words, you are standing on my backbone, but it doesn’t hurt. Let’s make it even simpler. I am the deity you believe exists. The men in black are a group of selected people, destined to make things work. Preordained to make things seem casual and to control people actions. However, we can’t fight against feelings.

The men in black have ran away and you will never see them, nevertheless I stayed. I could have run away with them, but then my final mission would have failed. All the men in black knew that when this moment would arrive they would all have to face the truth, however, they left and I will face the consequences. The men in black are a group of people, which live just as normal humans, separated from each other with a specific mission. Our task is to guarantee that this world doesn’t fall apart. However, it is 1962, and it is becoming more difficult every minute that passes People are seeking for information and we have been told something called the Internet will end destroying our task. Technology is faster than us, and the rest of the Men in Black have disappeared for the first time in history, and I sincerely don’t think they are coming back. This is the reason you are hearing to this.

Now you may ask, why is he telling me this now? It is simple, one of us has been discovered, and thus, we have failed. He wasn’t discovered during his mission. He was never part of the mission. It was our mistake; more specific it was my mistake. You must be dying to know who the chosen one that escaped from our hands was. Don’t worry you will all have time to die. Nevertheless, it all started in Poland, 1944

III. Auschwitz

Auschwitz, Cracovia. A chosen one was born inside a concentration camp. I had managed Hitler to send his troops so nothing could have gone wrong. We were given a two-year notice when a chosen one was going to be born. Nothing could go wrong, and nothing had gone wrong for the last 6000 years. I was sent in order to fake the death of the chosen one, as we had been doing in the past. I had to live the life of a kapo, a Jewish guard, for two years in a women’s concentration camp in Birkenau, and had witnessed how a 15-year-old girl had kept a baby for more than 7 months. This baby was the chosen one which I was in charge of. As I was the guard in charge I knew she couldn’t die. A chosen one was about to be born and I couldn’t fail this mission. Paradoxically, this mission seemed as the easiest but most difficult one I had had during my life. It was easy as I could fake the death of a kid who was not meant originate, however, I had to manage her staying alive, and her kid too. I had to feed her for 7 months with extra rations of bread and soup, which was clearly illegal at that time.

She was ready to give birth and I had to make sure nobody saw that baby. I decided she had to go to the ‘showers’. We all know that the showers meant the gas chambers were people in the holocaust were sent to be murdered with no rancor, no pity and no shame. One person had to be sacrificed for the sake of humanity. I had the perfect plan, as she would give birth to that baby, I would keep him, and she would die. Perfect, as simple as that. However that’s not what happened, not at all

I was on my way to the gas chambers with her. I will never reveal her name. She died years after 1944, but I can’t reveal it. She was not even pleading or asking for compassion, as she knew this day would come. As I was walking with her, a tear reached my hand, and then reached the floor. That floor that witnessed millions of unjustified deaths. I was chosen, but let me ratify it, I am human, just like you. Against feelings there is nothing we can do. She just asked me, “May I keep my baby while I shower? I want him to arrive clean to heaven”. My heart exploded. I avoided any kind of relationship during my life, but at that moment I became a common man, and left my men in black costume for the first time. As she was going to die, I thought she could die with him and a new chosen one would be born during the next two years.
However, from that exact instant till two days after all I remember are gunshots. I can still smell that gunpowder; impregnated in my veins. She was liberated and so was him, the chosen one. Now what happened with this chosen one? He was just a baby. Only decades after we would know

IV. 1962

We know you are all praying to God for this war to end. United States and U.S.S.R have been belligerent since World War II and it doesn’t seem to have an end. We know that the tacit mission of a chosen one who doesn’t form part from the Men in Black, will be to dismantle our mission. And he did it. The baby that I was about to save in 1944 has managed to pull to pieces our mission. World War III is about to start and we’re telling you the World is going to end. As I am the only man in black remaining, let me tell you this is a supposition. Nikita Jrushchov, that is his name, and he is about to detonate nuclear missiles on United States’ territory. It may sound deafening, but it is always better to know the truth. I don’t believe in ‘ignorance is bliss’. The truth is the world is never going to physically disappear, but your lives will be dominated by capitalism. Pray this atomic bomb knocks your door, and the one of your loved ones. You won’t enjoy living here. I felt that after 6000 years hiding the truth, it was time for me to face it and end it. I know it hurts, but leave the cave of superficial and feel overwhelmed by the horror in which you are living. Just keep praying this atomic bomb will kill us all. I will try to make it happen. But remember, I am not God. I am human.

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