Daddy, brother, husband, come home...

June 6, 2012
By hiddenprincess GOLD, Millersburg, Ohio
hiddenprincess GOLD, Millersburg, Ohio
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I was at church the Sunday before memorial day. The preacher was talking about what the day was created for, why we celebrate it. After the service, I decided to take a survey. I found little 7 year old Kally and said " What is memorial day Kally? ". She took her doll and hugged it tight with a little smile as she replied.
" That is the day we celebrate my daddy. The day we ask daddy if he enjoys being home. " Later, I learned that Kally's father had been killed by a roadside bomb but he saved his friend's lives by pushing them out of the vehicle before it was too late. He never had the chance.

I then talked to 15 year old Cheyann. " What is memorial day to you Cheyann? " I asked. She thought about this question for a few moments. A tear fell from her eye but her voice never wavered.
" Memorial day is the day we remember Danny in his room, playing his stereo too loud, standing on the front porch with his girlfriend ready to kiss her while we stood on the couch looking out the window. The day we remember my brother's life. " I then found out that her brother Danny was killed on the front lines in a gun fight.

I then talked to 98 year old Caroline. " What is memorial day to you? " She smiled. " Memorial day is the day I remember Leon. I always visit his grave and ask him when God is going to let me come home and yes, in my heart I get and answer. " I was intrigued by the strong voice of the wise old woman. " What does he say Miss Caroline? " She put her arm over my shoulder as she gave her reply.
" All he says is I love you, it's not your time but I know soon we'll be together forever. "

I didn't know why I asked these different people from different generations but it all seemed to say all one thing, everyone I asked wanted their family to come home. I then asked a 22 year old name Kelsy the same question I had asked the 15 year old. " What kind of question is that? " she asked. " Everyone knows the answer to that! Memorial day is about nothing but drinking, partying, and grilling out! Duh! " Kelsy then walked away. I couldn't believe what had just happened. I couldn't believe that someone couldn't know how much pain their friends and neighbors were going through because off the war, the holiday. I couldn't believe she couldn't see what these families were asking of their deceased members. All I heard was pain along with the words ' Daddy, brother, husband, come home...'

Please no one forget the reason we celebrate this holiday. Don't overlook the pain the shadows all the fun. Don't forget the Daddy, the Brother, or the Husband who will never again come home.

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