30 Minutes or Death

June 5, 2012
By JoshBegarowicz BRONZE, Westland, Michigan
JoshBegarowicz BRONZE, Westland, Michigan
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Big Shot is a wealthy, well known gambler and always has body guards by his side. No one, I mean no one, messes with Big Shot. Big Shot walks into the casino and as he is walking towards the poker table, everyone begins to scatter out of his way. Two college students by the name of Jay and Slick’em walk in to join the crowd. Afterwards, Big Shot sits down and challenges someone in the crowd to a match of poker. Without understanding that Big Shot was such a unique gambler; Jay and Slick’em decided to volunteer to join Big Shot in the game of poker. Jay is known to cheat at the table, but yet to know the poker match was on. About a quarter of the way through the match, one of Big Shots bodyguards leans down to whisper something into Big Shots ear. Moments later, Big Shot and his bodyguards were staring at Jay. Big Shot slipped his hand into his coat pocket and put it on a visible gun holster hanging off of the side of his coat.

“What’s up your sleeve?” Big Shot asked Jay.

Jay glanced down and said, “What are you talking about?”

Big Shot then replied, “Take your jacket off and place it in the center of the table.” As Jay took his jacket off, multiple cards fell out of his sleeves.
Then Big Shots bodyguards said to Jay and Slick’em “Come with us.” Out of intimidation, Jay and Slick’em followed the orders given. They took them to the alley behind the casino. Big Shots bodyguards placed a bomb on Jay and Slick’em and they told them that they have 30 seconds to rob a bank and get $100,000 to make up for the cheating that took place in the casino. Jay and Slick’em decided to go to the store to pick up some things to cover up there identity. They purchased 2 masks, and two gun replicas to help them out in the robbery.

After buying the supplies that they needed, they got in the car and Slick’em said to Jay, “I don’t think that this is a good idea.”

“Why not?” Jay asked.

“Because you got me caught in this situation, you were the one that got caught cheating, not me. I shouldn’t have to be a part of this! But since I’m your bro and we always got each others backs no matter what, I’m coming along.” Slick’em said.

Jay then replied and said “Alright, I’m sorry, but we’re here. We need to get in there, get the money, and get out!” Big Shot followed them to the bank. “Boom!” As they kicked the door open, they told the security officer to toss his gun away. He listened. “Bam!” the gun hit the desk, and malfunctioned and hit a 40 year old man.

“Everyone on the ground!” Jay demanded. “Tell that man to get us the money.”

“What’s your name?” Slick’em asked.

“Uhh, Alex.” The man replied.

“Get $100,000 from the counter.” Slick’em said. “Now!”

“I don’t have that much money in the register; I would have to open the vault.” Alex said nervously.

“Okay; forget about the register. Go in the vault and get us the $100,000.” They went to the back room; Alex unlocked it and there laid the vault.

“Alright, start packing the money up.” Jay insisted.

“Yes sir” Alex replied. Jay then had his bodyguards help Alex get the money counted out and placed in the suitcase. After Jay and Slick’em got the money, they walked out right into the polices line of fire.

“Freeze, put your hands up!” The police exclaimed. “Place your weapons on the ground and kick them out of reach!” Jay and Slick’em listened, but then opened up there jacket, and there lied the bomb.

“Guess what officer; you just brought a gun to a bomb fight.” Jay said. The police had no choice but to drop there weapons, because if they hadn’t have done that then for all they knew; either the bomb could have gone off, or if the police officers would have shot; the bomb could have exploded. Jay and Slick’em both got away, and as they were driving away.

“Ring.. Ring..” The phone went off, Jay picked it up.

“Hello.” Jay said.

“This is Big Shot, do you have the money?”

“Yes, I have it.” Jay replied “Do you know where 5436 Burling Ham Street is?”

Big Shot answered “Yes, I will meet you there in 30 minutes. Don’t be late!” Jay had already agreed before he had noticed that the place that he was supposed to meet Big Shot at was well over 30 minutes away and Jay already had thought that he may die soon or later and decided to stop at his wife Renee’s house on the way and still make it on time. 37 minutes later, Jay and Slick’em had arrived.

“You’re late.” Big Shot exclaimed.

“I thought that I could trust you to get the money and show up at the drop off on time, but you had to screw up again didn’t you! You know I’ve been thinking; what really made you two late?” It was silent and no one replied. “I said, what made you two late!”

Jay finally answered, “Alright look, I was worried that I wouldn’t make it on time; so I stopped at my wives house and just in case you didn’t let me live through the day; I wanted to give her a kiss goodbye, I’m sorry.” Big Shot had already had the gun to Jay’s head and after hearing what he just heard from Jay, he removed the gun from Jay’s head, and held it to Slick’em’s head and said “What’s your excuse?”

“Honestly, I don’t have one.” Slick’em replied. Moments later, “Bam!” The 9mm went off. In complete shock, everyone scattered out of there. The next morning, Jay woke up, turned on the T.V. to the news. The police had found Slick’em’s body by an abandon house and he had still had the bomb strapped to his body. Big Shot remembered to take off Jay’s but Big Shot’s adrenaline was rushing too much to remember to take off Slick’em’s. Big Shot then realized that before taking off Jay’s bomb he probably should had counted the money. He rushed home, took the money out of the suitcase and counted it. He then realized that he was missing $10,000 from the stacks. This is when the tension builds up. Big Shot spotted Jay in a local party store. Without any confrontation, Big Shot socks Jay in the face and Jay falls. Big Shot walks up to Jay, picks him up and continues to confront him. Jay couldn’t stand it anymore and that’s when he defends himself. The police showed up moments later and arrested Big Shot. Big Shot spent the night in jail and throughout the night planned a way to escape. The next morning Big Shot breaks out. Once he breaks free, he was on the lookout for Jay. As he was searching for Jay, Big Shot spotted a sign on a street pole that read “WANTED!” and had a complete description along with a picture written on it. Out of anger Big Shot tears down the sign. Then that’s when they headed towards Big Shot’s house and gave Big Shot a new look. Afterwards, they were back on the search for Jay. Big Shot and his bodyguards spot Jay at a bar down the street. Big Shot walks up to Jay, Jay turned his head. Surprised; Jay tried to turn and walk away.

That’s when Big Shot placed his hand on Jay’s shoulder and says “We need to discuss some things.”

Jay turned around and said “About what?”

Big Shot replied “Take a seat.” Jay sits down. “Where’s the other $10,000?” Big Shot asked.

“What do you mean?” Jay answered.

“I only received $90,000, last time I checked we agreed on $100,000.” Big Shot said with anger.

“I guess you will have to speak to my bodyguards, they helped put the money together.” Jay said. Jay called his bodyguards and asked them if they can meet them at the bar. When Jay’s bodyguards got there only one walked through the door. Jay walked outside to see what the other bodyguard was up to and noticed Big Shot’s wife in the backseat taped up. Jay quickly walked back into the bar and whispered into Big Shot’s ear that his wife was in the car being held hostage.

Big Shot jumped up, pulled a gun out and said “Where is she?” Before they had time to respond, Big Shot panicked and pulled the trigger.

He then ran to the car, pointed the gun to the driver and said “Let her go!” Big Shot looked into the backseat and said “Amanda, is that you?”

“Yeah, I’m so glad to see you!” Amanda said.
“Me too hunn.” Big Shot replied. Later that week, Jay and Big Shot got together and decided; Instead of killing the bodyguards, they would do the right thing and turn them in. After everything was over with, Jay and Big Shot planned a get together with them two and there wives, Amanda and Renee to talk about and resolve the past issues.
Jay looked at Big Shot, apologized and said “Are we good man?” Big Shot then answered and said “Of course brotha, why not.” Ever since this moment they have gotten over the past and decided to have a fresh start on the future. They are now life-long friends, and always have, and always will have each other’s backs.

The author's comments:
I was inspired by my English teacher Ms. York to write this piece and am more than happy to share it.

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