Believing the wrong things.

May 29, 2012
There are just some things that make you really sad, like flushing your pet fish down the toilet or seeing a kid fall off a bike. For me, it was when I found out mom didn't like Brian as much as I thought she did. In fact, she didn't like him at all. Even though he was her son, she hated him. She wanted him out of the house by his 18th birthday, and that always seemed so unfair to me because she loved me and Hailey with all that she had, but Brian, he was just dead to her. It was unfair because when she was kicking him out, he wasn't just leaving her, he was leaving all of us. We begged and begged my mom to let him stay but she just wouldn't budge, and when we tried to get my dad into it, he was as firm as mom. So there was nothing we could do, not really. 
"Don't worry," he said as he was leaving, "I'll visit you two as much as I can," I believed him, even though he wouldn't tell me where he was going, or how he was getting there, I believed him. I shouldn't have though, because he never did visit or call or even send a message. He left that day and took everything with him, not even leaving back a little piece of hope. I really wish I knew where he was right now, but I don't. And I really wish he was okay, but I just don't know. The minute he left, things immediately felt different. There was no yelling, no music, no jokes, nothing. He was really gone, but I just couldn't believe it. How can you know someone your whole life and then one day just not know anything about them? That just doesn't seem possible, but it is, I wish it wasn't, but God, it is.

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