You Gotta Be Cool, Dude.

May 28, 2012
By Anonymous

An eleven-year old Bo sat on a swing on the playground. His best friend, a boy named Zac, had told him that if he wanted to be cool, he had to kiss one of the prettiest girls in the class. These three girls were Sally Jenkins, Hannah Adcock, and Brie Jackson. Sally had gorgeous red hair but she was mean. Hannah had blonde hair, but she was a little too smart. And Brie… oh Brie. Bo had liked her ever since he met her. They had known each other since kindergarten and he had known only one thing to say to her.

“Will you marry me?” Brie had laughed and hugged him, her chubby little fingers grasping his shirt. She was cute then, but she was just pretty now. Brie had long, black hair that was usually up, but today it was down and perfectly straight and perfectly shiny in Bo’s perspective. She was standing under the big oak tree in the middle of their playground kicking a soccer ball between her feet.

“Bo!” Zac suddenly called. Bo looked up to see Zac beckoning him over quickly.

“What?” Bo asked once he climbed up to the top of the monkey bars.

“Which girl are you gonna kiss?” Zac seemed desperate.

“Why do you want me to kiss a girl so bad, Zac?” Bo looked at Zac closely.

“Because I don’t want to be known as the kid who hangs around with the uncool kid,” Zac protested.

“Fine,” Bo growled.

“Not on the lips though,” he added shooting Zac a deathly glare. Zac nodded quickly. Bo leapt off the monkey bars. He wasn’t sure how to kiss a girl, but it couldn’t be that hard could it? He finally decided to run over there, kiss her on the cheek, and run back.

So he did… sort of. He ran quickly over there and Brie looked up suddenly. Bo planted a quick kiss on her cheek and was going to run off thinking that Brie would be furious. But instead she grinned and raised an eyebrow. He couldn’t resist staring at her face.

“Well Bo, I didn’t think you liked me that much,” she smiled. Her teeth were so perfect, Bo thought. Brie suddenly took his hands and kissed him quickly on his lips. He stood there, her green eyes glimmering. Bo stood there speechless. Brie pushed him gently.

“C’mon Bo, you act like you saw a ghost. You kissed me so I kissed you,” she smiled again, actually he thought that she never stopped smiling.

“I-“ Bo started.

“Bo, shut up and stop stuttering. Go tell Zac that he has to kiss a girl too and that Brie Jackson says she likes Bo Fletcher,” she shoved him towards the monkey bars. He didn’t hesitate. He ran, bolted to the monkey bars.

“I-I can’t believe you did it!” Zac stammered.

“Well, you told me to!” Bo squeaked.

“I didn’t think you’d actually do it!” Zac reasoned.

“Well, she… Brie says that you have to kiss a girl too, because that would make us even. And she says that she likes me,” Bo declared.

“I can’t kiss a girl!” Zac cried.

“Well, I hope you won’t kiss a guy,” Bo grinned.

The author's comments:
Could it be!? YES! The next mini-story in the Bo/Brie (Bro) saga... thing. Hope y'all like it!

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