Bar fight

May 25, 2012
By Sammie_Shamrock PLATINUM, Holland, Michigan
Sammie_Shamrock PLATINUM, Holland, Michigan
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The beads of sweat troll down my face like tiny marbles. As he stalks even closer to my table the anticipation bubbles higher burning as If lava was in my throat. The eyes of the man heat more and more anger increasing with stalk only adding to the flames in his eyes. My glances quickly turn away, my mind praying that if I looked away he could no longer see me. My misconceived notion is met with the flying of my table. Spit flies like Indians arrows in my face as his barrel arms hoist me like the underwear up the flagpole.

“Who do you think you are?” The growl erupted,” to tell my wife that we should divorce?”

Confusion set in overlapping my fear like fresh stack of papers. She was a newer friend to me, about as new as the toy a child just picked off the shelf. I quickly glance at her, her eyes gleaming with untold secrets. Who was this woman? She seemed as foreign as Japan now. Acid rose as the anger but my tongue. My strength charging like a battery. My charge was complete that consciousness coming to mind when my first clashed with the smooth face of this man. Along with my so called friend, my actions seemed foreign to me. This personality tasted so different to me, but I was beginning to acquire it.

“I have no one bloody idea what you are talking about mate,” the words rose out.

“You know exactly what I am talking about Alex. You know what you did! How could you?”

“What the bloody hell? I’m not Alex mate! I am Zander! Alex is my twin brother; don’t you remember after all those years of rugby?”

The man rose quickly from the stupor I had thrown him in. His once crystalized body broke of its mold as he began to charge me. Slippery as a shake I maneuver around his hot blows. Anger boiled inside him, the anger that was releasing from me.

“Dammit Broan let me go! We aren’t some nineteen year old ninny’s in a Dublin Bar anymore! It is me Zander! For Christ sake! Let go!”

If you’re Zander then where the hell is Alex? Why are you here making goo goo eyes at my wife?”

“Whoever knows where Alex is? And for another fact I was here saying hello because your wife Shannon invited me for dinner! I was being polite!”

I quickly stalked away towards Shannon the emotions I held mixing like infectious chemicals in my heated body. Time slowed to a crawl as blood flooded my vision, deep pure crimson. Just as I reached her everything blanked and became black…cold.

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