The Big Move

May 16, 2012
By ykfyufghj BRONZE, Sublette, Kansas
ykfyufghj BRONZE, Sublette, Kansas
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Ella moves to a small town because her father had got a better job. It was about six hours away from her home town. She wasn’t very happy about moving because she knew that where ever it was that she was moving to didn’t have “all star cheerleading” and also because she didn’t want to leave her friends or her boyfriend.

It was the summer of 2010, her last summer to be in her home town which meant she had to do her packing and say goodbye to her friends and her boyfriend that she’d been dating for about 3 years. Ella and her family had a week left before they moved. The thing Ella hated the most was the fact that she would have to quit her cheerleading squad that she’d been on since she was a first grader as a mini cheerleader and also that she had to leave all of her friends that she had grew up with behind, and of course her boyfriend.

Ella had finishes her 8th grade year, so that meant she would start her high school year with people that she didn’t have a clue about, and that was her main fear because Ella was a shy girl. She never thought this would happen to her because she had always talked about finishing school with all her friends, graduating together, and maybe even going to college with a few of her friends. Ella’s parents didn’t tell her the news as soon as they thought they would because they knew it would break her heart so they decided to tell her after her school year was over.

It was two days before Ella and her family would move. Those two days were the hardest for Ella because she had no time to hang out with her friends so her boyfriend. All she had time to do was pack the rest of her clothes and everything she wanted to take with her since her parents had taken care of the furniture and the big things around the house. The day before Ella was leaving her friends stayed the night and they talked about all their memories the night before, they also made “go away” cards for Ella, and gave her gifts. All they had talked about was how their cheerleading squad wouldn’t be the same without her because Ella was the smallest on their squad so she was their flyer.

That time finally came around. It was time for Ella’s big move. As they were driving off her friends and boyfriend had been at her house saying goodbye. All Ella did was sleep the whole way because she did not want anything to do with it and she didn’t want to think about it. Finally they arrived to the “small town” is what Ella always called it. She was actually more upset now just because they had already been there and she hated it.

During the Summer of 2010 Ella had been wanting to go out and walk around town so she would at least get to know what it’s like and see if she could meet new friends. One afternoon, Ella decided she would go to the city swimming pool and see what it was like, and right as soon as she got there she met a girl named Taylor, they had been talking and hanging out the entire time and got to know each other. Taylor had been telling Ella that she was in the same situation before, she had loved her All Star Cheerleading and had to move because he father had gotten a better job. As soon and Ella heard that she felt better, so then she started asking her questions about any cheerleading squads and Taylor told her about being a cheerleader at her school and also being an All Star Cheerleader and hour away from her town. After they got to know each other, Ella felt as if she had found a new best friend, and she had because Taylor had taken her to meet her All Star Cheerleading team and they loved her stunts. Later that summer, they were having tryouts for all the girls that had to leave, and luckily Ella had made the All Star Cheerleading squad and the high school cheerleading. Ella was as happy as could be.

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