The Boy

May 21, 2012
By Anonymous

Alex has never met his dad, since he was born he has never seen him. Alex was born on February 24th 1995, he was 8.6 pounds when he was born, he was a light skinned baby like sand on a tropical ocean, had big brown eyes, it was like melting chocolate. All these things you would seem what a wonderful baby he is going to be, but what you don’t know is his brother and sisters life before he was born.

His mom Rachel Fisher was married to a nice dark skinned guy, his name was Steve they had two kids one boy and one girl named Zach and Skylar, one day there dad came home he was all drugged up he was using cocaine, he got all mad at Zach and hit him, this happened many of times before this because Zach didn’t know how to use the toilet because he was having trouble getting potty trained, he hit him several times before my sister stepped in and told him not to hit him again, he stopped then hit Skylar. She started crying there mom wasn’t home because she was working till ten.

A couple weeks have passed and there dad has been drug free, but one night he was hanging around his friends again and they convinced him to do drugs, he took the drug and came home. Their mom was home babysitting the children, he had so much anger build up inside, he was going to explode any time if some one said anything to him that he didn’t like. As he walked through the door Rachel asked why “he wasn’t home earlier.” He got so red like a tomato and exploded on his fiancé and hit her so bad that her tooth was sticking out of her lip, kept hitting her she was all bruised up like bruises on a banana. Later that night there dad was in the kitchen and Rachel walked in to wash off her face but there dad had something else in mind and tackled her and held a knife to her throat and told her that if she told anyone that he would kill her.

Later on that night there dad forced her in the car and they drove along a dirt road where he would throw her at off the car and leave her there to suffer. Later that night she woke up and didn’t know where she was, so she called her sister in law because she lived close to where she was dropped off, she got in the car and started crying so there aunt insisted on calling the cops but she wouldn’t let her call the cops because she knew if she called the cops then her husband would kill her. Later that night when she got home her husband was there, and he started hitting her because she got a ride home and her daughter called the cops on him and they came and arrested him.

The days went on till she had to testify against her husband for beating her and their children, she wasn’t nervous at all because she knew if she testify that he was going to be put away for a while and so she had time to get away and move to some place where he couldn’t find her. He was put behind bars five years. She moved far away from her divorced husband, she moved to a small state named Iowa and lived with her parents for a couple of months with her beautiful children. She had one child that has never met his dad and that was Alex he was a nice young talented boy who was full of excitement and wasn’t scared of anything, he loved playing sports that’s all he would do. When he first turned five he was old enough to play little league soccer, he was so excited to play that he was their before anyone so he could practice to get better. The kids on his team called him little pepe because he looked and played just like the soccer player pepe, his first year went by really fast that he wanted the next year to come by so he can play but he lost interested in it.

On a nice summer evening he was out riding his bike and he came across a group of boys playing some football and they asked him if he wanted to play, so he did although they were much bigger than him and older he wasn’t scared to play. After they got done they asked him how old he was because he was a really good quarter back, he was only ten at the time and they were so impressed that they told him to go out for football because they were having tryouts for the flag football team. Days went on and he was excited to tryout, every day he would go out and play catch with his older brother he was excited when the time came to show the coach that he can play, he played so good at quarterback that the coach said after practice that if he keeps playing like that he was the starting quarter back. He practiced every day until he got the spot. There first game he went off and threw the ball and ran the ball so good that they told him that he should go up a league and play with the bigger guys, he wasn’t scared to he just wanted to finish off the season with his friends and so he did.

After football season was over he started going into basketball, he wasn’t too good at first but after shooting every day after school he was improving, there was a recreational program for basketball and he wanted to go out so bad but he couldn’t, he was so sad that he couldn’t go out so he kept practicing for both sports football and basketball. One day when he came home his mom was in the living room crying, he asked her what’s wrong and she said that they had to move to a different town because there father got out of prison and was getting information that she moved to a small town in Iowa, he was so sad to tell his friends because he didn’t know why there dad was trying to find them.

It’s a very big town it takes twenty minutes to get somewhere. The kids didn’t like it but their mom loved they town, and she thought to herself that this is where iam going to stay and raise my kids this is the town. As time went on and the kids got bigger, one day Alex was on Facebook at a friend’s house then all of a sudden he got a message from this one guy that looks just like his dad, he said “hi” to him and Alex didn’t know what to do so he called his mom and his mom told him that he had to erase his Facebook, he wasn’t too happy about it but it was for their safety so he did it but first he had to ask him a bunch of questions, some of them he asked was “why how could you do it!” that night his mom asked him for his facebook password so she could delete it for him. She logged on the account and went straight to the messages and say that they have been talking for an hour, what she saw was tragic she was so scared she kept on having rewinds of when she was getting beaten she started crying and deleted the account.

Years passed and people have changed including Alex, he was getting out of control he had anger problems, just like his father but it wasn’t as bad as his he got in trouble at school a lot and one day he got out of school suspension for getting into fights, there was no way to control him so his mom had to put him in a program it was like a boys and girls program. He met this guy named Byron he started talking to him and over a period of time he was like a father figure to him, Alex never had a father figure in his life. He talked to him about everything Alex was finally getting the help he needed, on a rainy day Alex got the call that he didn’t want to hear ever Byron died in a tragic car accident, he lost control of his car and flipped.

Alex started going through depression he didn’t know what to do anymore he was confused about everything, he just wanted to die!! He asked to himself many of times “what am I going to do with my life.” Alex got into smoking marijuana, his mom didn’t approve of it and didn’t know what to do with him anymore so she sent him to go live with his grandparents to go figure out who he was and what road he wants to go down, he had three options, good, bad, or dead. He choice that he was actually going to turn back around and do good for himself, so when he started to settle in with his grandparents his grades became better his mom was so proud of him, he was finally happy with what he was doing. He tried out for the basketball team and the coach was impressed with his talent so he said that if he worked in school and on the court he could start, this was the motivation he needed to achieve what his mom and Bryon wanted him to do.

Alex was going to school one day he got a call from the basketball coach his coach said to him that he got the spot on the basketball team, Alex was so happy because all that hard work went into his performance. His first game came, he was so excited he woke up in the morning with a smile on his face brighter than the sun coming up over the horizon he got in the shower and wore his best outfit he had, it was a nice outfit black bottoms and a button up purple dress shirt with a gold tie, he went down stairs to get some breakfast his grandma was stunned when she saw him and told him that “he looked so handsome.” Alex was so thankful that he had such great grandparents and wanted to show them how grateful he is so he promised himself that he was going to do his best and his team was going to come out with a victory. After school Alex drove to the middle school were his game was being held, but first he had to wait for the junior varsity guys and varsity girls, he didn’t want to watch them so he went down into the locker room to prepare and dribble the ball he was the best player on the team but it didn’t matter to him because he can’t win against five other guys it’s his teammates that made the difference. The buzzer went off and Alex shook up and was starting to get butterflies in his stomach, all he wanted to do is play some ball he got out there and in the warm ups he looked up and saw his mom standing there cheering him on, he was so happy that she came! The game was finally starting, he went out on the court and they threw the ball up and we got the ball back.

It was after the game we were in the locker room celebrating our win, we won 64 to 50 they were a good team but we were better we proved that we can contend with the best. After he got done with his shower he saw his mom and went to go talk to her, she was so proud of him that she started crying she said “I love you so much.”

The author's comments:
I made this speech because it reflects on my background.

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