Big Bad Bully

May 14, 2012
By Mohamed Imanke BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Mohamed Imanke BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Page 1
Today is Alex’s first day of second grade. He is very excited!
Page 2
“Don’t forget your lunch sweetheart!” said his mom.
“Okay mom!” yelled Alex.
Page 3
Alex hops on the bus and sits next to his best friend Shawn.
Page 4
On the way to school, Alex and Shawn talk about how nervous and excited they are for their first day.
Page 5
“What if the teacher is mean?” asked Alex
“I’m sure she’s really nice! Don’t worry.” Said Shawn.
Page 6
The bus suddenly stops and as soon as they know it they’re at school.
Page 7
“Last one to the classroom is a rotten egg!” yelled Shawn.
Page 8
Shawn and Alex walk into class and find their desks.
Page 9
“Good morning boys!” Said Ms. Wells, their teacher.
“Good Morning” said Alex and Shawn.
Page 10
Ms. Wells was tall, and she had a very pointy nose, with Harry Potter-like glasses.
Page 11
“This is going to be a fantastic year!” Ms. Wells says to the class.
Page 12
As Alex looks around the classroom, he notices a boy staring at him.
Page 13
“Who is that and why does he keep looking at me?” says Alex to Shawn.
“I don’t know shhh Ms. Wells is talking.” whispers Shawn.
Page 14
When Ms. Wells is done talking to the class, she takes a seat at her desk.
Page 15
Alex and Shawn get up from their seats and decide to grab a book from the shelf and read together.
Page 16
“What makes you think you can come over by my desk?” says the boy.
“Oh were sorry, were just grabbing a book.” Says Shawn
Page 17
“I’m Alex, and this is my friend Shawn.” Says Alex
“I don’t care.” Says the boy, “Get away from my desk.”
Page 18
Shawn and Alex look at each other nervously; the boy was very big and had dark greasy hair with bumps all over his face.
Page 19
“I said get away from my desk or ill kick you!” yelled the boy.
“Okay, were sorry.” Shawn said as he was walking back to his desk.
Page 20
When Alex and Shawn get back to their seats, Alex says to Shawn, “I want to tell Ms. Wells what that boy said; I’m scared he’s going to be mean to us this whole year.”
Page 21
“No don’t do that, he will find out we told and he will be even meaner to us!” Says Shawn.
Page 22
The boy with the greasy hair gets up from his seat, and finds a piece of paper on the floor.
Page 23
He takes it back to his desk and begins to write on it.
“I wonder what he’s writing.” Said Alex.
Page 24
All the sudden, a big wet paper ball lands on Alex’s desk.
Page 25
“Ew! Ew! Ew!” Yells Shawn.
“What’s going on boys?” asked Ms. Wells
Page 26
“That boy over there just threw this at us!” said Alex
“I did not do anything! They’re lying!” Yelled the boy.
Page 27
“We will not be having this in my classroom.” Said Ms. Wells
“But we didn’t do anything!” said Shawn, anxiously.
Page 28
Alex looks over at the boy and he is laughing.
“All of you boys go sit in the hallway.” Said Ms. Wells
Page 29
“Okay Ms. Wells” Said Alex, sadly.
“I can’t believe we have to sit in the hallway on the first day of school” Said Shawn.
Page 30
“If you tell Ms. Wells what I did then I’m going to stuff both of you in the trashcan.” Said the bully.
“Why are you so mean? What did we do?” asked Shawn.
Page 31
“I don’t like both of you.” said the boy.
“But why?” asked Alex.
“Because I said so, don’t ask any more questions or ill tell Ms. Wells you tripped me in the hall.” Said the boy.
Page 32
“What is going on you boys? Why are you misbehaving” asked Ms. Wells
“We didn’t do anything, it was al him.” Said Alex as he was pointing at the bully.
Page 33
“What? I didn’t do anything! They made it up so that I would get in trouble!” said the boy.
Page 34
“We didn’t make up anything! He threw a paper ball at us and now he’s lying about it” Said Shawn.
Page 35
“That’s it; I don’t know who to believe so all of you have timeout today at recess.” Said Ms. Wells
Page 36
As Ms. Wells leaves the hallway and walks back into class, the boys follow.
Page 37
“You’re going to pay for what you did” said the bully.
Page 38
Alex and Shawn look at each other nervously.
Page 39
“That’s it, were telling Ms. Wells what exactly happened.” Said Shawn
Page 40
“Good idea.” Said Alex.
Page 41
“Ms. Wells we would like to talk to you.” Said Shawn
“Okay boy’s whats going on?” Said Ms. Wells
Page 42
“We promise you we did nothing to that boy, he’s making it all up” Said Shawn
“I believe you, I’m going to have a talk with him, please take a seat at your desk.” Said Ms. Wells.
Page 43
“Jonathan, please come see me.” Said Ms. Wells to they boy
“Yes?” asked The boy.
Page 44
“Shawn and Alex both say that you’re the one lying, I want to know the truth.”
“Okay yeah I did lie.” Said the boy
Page 45
“Why?” Asked Ms. Wells
“Because I have no friends, that’s why I’m mean to everyone” said the boy
Page 46
“Well you can’t be mean to everybody, maybe if you were nice you’ll have friends.” Said Ms. Wells
“Yeah I know, I guess.” Said Jonathan.
Page 47
“Go say you’re sorry to Shawn and Alex and then you can take a seat.”
Page 48
“I’m sorry for what I did” said Jonathan
“It’s okay.” Said Alex and Shawn
Page 49
“So are we friends now?” asked Jonathan
“Yeah I guess we can all be friends!” Said Alex.

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