Never giving up, fighting for what you believed in

May 17, 2012
By vicky1998 GOLD, Woodbridge, Virginia
vicky1998 GOLD, Woodbridge, Virginia
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Some days when you want to give up because you have too much. You can`t handle it, you done everything you could to accept the facts but at the end of the day it always blows up in your face. Are you tired of letting people take advantage of you, you want to say something but you just can`t figure out the words. You can`t figure out who your real friends are. People use your own words to ruin you any chance they get. Sometimes at the end all you can hope for is a better ending. If you are tired of second chances, the only way to stop is to stand up for yourself and say that you are done cause you can`t take it anymore. Do you feel like you are not accepted? No one care about you? How do you really find out your real friends? Do you have to give up before trying cause it always end up the opposite of what you were thinking? When a person have everything everyone wants and they don`t appreciate it and this things are love, friends, family and many more, but at the end they want more for no reason and tries to make it seem like you have nothing in life and they got it all. One of my questions I have is that how do you hate someone you don`t know. People these days are judging by what they see and not what`s really within and that is why at the end people end up getting hurt. Do you sometimes wish that you've had an escape plan? Do you sometimes feel like you want to restart the day or wish you were a different person? Are you tired of fake people? One day there by your side and another day there against you and reuse your words so they can hurt you and your friends. Bullying happens everywhere, you might not think that the person you know the most is the person been bullied and they got no one to stand up for them and the other person have an entire army waiting to attack. Everywhere you go and you never feel safe because it feels like anything you say is been recorded and they are saving it to use it against you. When you are with the people you love, it feels like nothing else in the world matters. So don`t give up cause you are not a quitter. You are better than that and even if no one believes in you, the first step you should take believes in yourself.

The author's comments:
When all your friends don`t believe you, the only person who should believe you is yourself. Never give up and always trust yourself before trusting others.

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