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May 7, 2012
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Looking out on the lake, I think about the passage of time. How one second flows to another, how everything seems to connect, and how there is a point when life just causes you to stop. It’s exhilarating to look out upon the world and just be; to sit and feel God’s presence sending goosebumps up your spine. The glimmering blue water appears serene and calm, but the undertow seems to be rumbling and crying out in pain. That I too could be as this lake, with layers beneath controlling my seemingly normal character is a terrifying thought.

A lone duck, brown with red speckles, sits upon the shore, twitching and feeling the realm of isolation. His eyelids flicker open and closed, appearing almost lost without a companion. Another duck, this one green, waddles over and they are both filled with life, entranced by the overwhelming sensation of lust. I sit and contemplate as they spend minutes attached side by side, splashing around water and occasionally letting out a playful honking sound. They appeared entranced by pure bliss and just joy to have another held dear and close.

In the blink of an eye, the current began to grow stronger. I turned in horror, in knowing of what could come. My hands firmly pressed over my eyes as I struggled against erupting in tears. I turned to look upon the lake only to see one swift movement and the green duck drifts away, gradually sacrificing his body to the demanding undertow. Then as if it was never there, he disappeared into the abyss of the unknown.

The red speckled duck who had witnessed everything lay in the middle of the lake, still appearing trapped in the lengths of isolation. She extends a small wing, to try to grab onto something, but instead nearly falls to her side. She is alone, lost, separated from her one and only true love. With one faint fall, she is gone too; she sinks into the depths of the sea to find her mate.

As I turn away, heart aching, I can feel the beats begin to slow down, from a beating pulse to an almost unnoticeable pat. Instantly, I fall to the ground and have surrendered to the longing of missing him. I sink to the ground, lifeless, to lay in waiting for the rediscovery of my mate.

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