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May 1, 2012
By nrb buentello BRONZE, Austin, Texas
nrb buentello BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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I was walking down Honey Lane. It was finally summer and I was pumped to get back home. I was five houses from my house. I was walking with a group of friends on my way home. They were going to spend the night over at my house and watch a movie. We were almost home. A white, old Mercedes came next to us and asked which way they had to go to get to the house with the address of 74463 Clover Lane. I told them that they needed to go down farther down the road, turn right, and then right again. The woman in the front asked me if I could mark the route for her. The woman was in her fair thirties and Hispanic. Me and one of my other friends went and highlighted the route.
When we finished, she put on a smirk on her face and said, “Thank you.” Right when we turned around though, something happened that I wasn’t thankful for. Hurt, with a busted lip, me and Lindy lay in pain in the back of the ugly, old, white Mercedes. We were both squished in the trunk. We were pulled in by our backpacks. We tried to slip out but we were too slow and the men in the backseat were too fast. It was hot, smelly and dark in the trunk of the car. The thing that was the scariest for us was that we were not getting enough air. There were no cracks or anything to let air in.

It felt like it had been five hours until I heard the car stop. I was waiting for the worst. I closed my eyes and waited for them to open the trunk, but they never did. I whispered to Lindy and told her on the count of three kick open the trunk and it worked! We kept the trunk just cracked opened; just to see where we were. There was a small trailer. I talked to Lindy and we decided that in one minute we were going to get out and run for our lives.

The minute had come. One, two, three, go! We jumped out and ran. We ran into the woods. Lindy tripped on a branch, but I didn’t stop running and we split. I ran as far as I could and hoped that wherever Lindy was, she and I would be okay.
I looked around and saw the worst thing I could see. The woman and the men were moving and coming into the woods. I ran more and more as I tried to stay up. I got tired of running so I hid in some brush. I could hear them getting closer. I was praying in my head that this would end with me getting out of here right now. I prayed and asked God to protect Lindy and that the police were coming to find me and Lindy.

I saw a foot and a glimpse of someone’s jeans. They were right there! Please, please! Don’t find me please! They started moving. . . . It had worked! I moved just a little because I couldn’t feel my leg. Moving my leg, moving my leg, damn Jess, why did you have to move? I told myself. It was quiet and I was clear from danger, I thought. As I walked farther though, I saw Lindy and a crowd coming from behind her. Move Lindy, run! She looked back and came my way. “No, no! Please let me go!” she yelled to them as she continued to run. They didn’t listen though. They got Lindy and threw her on the ground like a piece of trash.

She screamed and begged, “Stop, stop!” They wouldn’t. They were kicking and beating her and I couldn’t bear to see it. I screamed the same as her. They grabbed me too. I tried to run but I was already too weak. I shouldn’t have tried, it only made things worse. They started beating me too. The thin branches; who would have thought that the simplest things could hurt the most. It stung so bad that I could almost guarantee that I was bleeding. I screamed and screamed knowing it wouldn’t do any good.

I could see the moon, but only a little through the little window in the cell. I don’t know where we are, where the cell is, but I do know we are in a cell and it was our first night without our parents. There was a mattress in the cell, no sheet or anything. There was one mattress and nothing else. We couldn’t sleep that night. There were multiple reasons why we didn’t sleep. The biggest reasons why was because we were starving and thirsty. After sweating everything in our body, we got thirsty. I can’t sleep knowing that I’m not safe. I was scared the whole night. At dawn, I woke up.
A shadow appeared and it came closer. Soon, it woke up Lindy. “No, no! Take her, take her!” Lindy screamed with grief to the man that grabbed her from her leg. “How about both?” said the man? He grabbed me from my arm. He grasped my arm with a strong grip that was cutting off my circulation. “No let us go.” Lindy and I yelped as we were dragged into another room. There was a lamp and handcuffs installed in the walls. No, not now, was what was running through my head. My pulse was ascending and I could barely breathe. I felt like I was already dying as it was.
I was thrown in there first. I was locked by my hands leaving me helpless. The man got a belt and a pocket knife. “This won’t hurt a bit,” he whispered in my ear as I took a deep swallow. “Please, I’ll do anything,” I told him. “My parents…, my parents have money if that’s what you…, want.” Lindy was in the room locked up too. She was crying and trying to get loose to help me. Not listening to my offers, he put the knife to my throat ready to slit it but then I try fighting back but he puts it closer, holds me down and slits my throat. When I open my eyes I saw a light and a team of big bulky men with guns come from the shadows of dust. It wasn’t what I expected at all. I thought we lost hope of ever being found but I guess a miracle happened because this was a miracle
Help! They finally came! They came to help us. It was the SWAT team. They rushed to me and I said that he didn’t hurt me that much but I had I small slit on my throat and Lindy wasn’t hurt any. I couldn’t hold it back anymore. I burst into tears of happiness. They came and lifted me unto a gurney and put me in the ambulance. The next time I woke up I was safely in the hospital with Lindy sitting next to my side.
The day I was kidnapped was the worst day of my life, and that’s my story.
“Well thank you Jessica for sharing your story with us on 20/20.” Good night viewers and stay safe.”
I was on TV. Our story became big and Lindy and I are now known as “God’s Blessings!”

The author's comments:
It is about two girls who get kidnapped and are soon called God's blessing for a reason of what happens in the story.

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on May. 14 2012 at 2:57 pm
Congrats!  So glad to see you have gone public.  Now that wasn't so bad?

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