May 3, 2012
By MissTiffanyS BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
MissTiffanyS BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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“Eyes, mouth, and a nose are to a face- as seeds are to a tree.”
Eyes; watching from above, looking everywhere; eyes, they can reveal so much and hide so little; eyes, are the basis of life for without eyes- the world is a dark nothing; eyes, everywhere you go, they follow; eyes, a mind of their own which let us fathom over wondrous ideas; eyes, “the window into the soul1”; eyes, are the light of the body seeking freedom; eyes, are much more than an ordinary component of the body; eyes.
The nose is alive. It makes us aware of the senses in the world, but it does much more than that. The nose. We sense; we smell; we use it everyday, sometimes subconsciously. But a nose is more than a facial part; it is a flower. It blooms, it has a shame, its distinct; its vital. The nose breathes in oxygen and exhales CO2. Nose, let’s us absorb the sense in the universe. The nose tells others secrets, keeps secrets, and informs us of secrets. Every person has “that smell”. It’s a distinct smell that defines us and without that smell; who are we?
Lips, a precious element to our beautiful faces. Lips; big, small, pink, red, dry, smooth; through lips; we communicate, we make the vital messages of life come alive with our lips. Life without lips is a life without love; cold, boring, bitter. Lips, do not solely act as gestures for affection, but symbols of language. Lips make the words we speak make sense, come alive, and give them meaning. Without lips, our world would be silenced, lacking the ability to transport thoughts from our brain to the ears of others.
The Face
“Eyes, mouth, and a nose are to a face- as seeds are to a tree.” The face, is really three different minds all in one. Just like our brain has many subsections inside it, the face has various parts that allow it to act. Eyes, the camera through which secrets are exchanged; the nose, subconsciously and unknowingly defines us; lips, the more affectionate of our senses. Combined they are the face; alone they are a mind. They act together. Transmitting information, checking odors, opening up the body to much more than we can imagine. A tree needs seeds to grow just like the face needs her seeds to function. One can’t have any seeds and expect a tall pine tree to sprout instantaneously out of the ground because the tree will not grow. The seeds of the face are the lips; the nose; and the mouth. When they are all there, one has a pine tree ready to everlastingly grow in every detail that it can.

The author's comments:
The face is a phenomenon.

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