When I Cut My Knee

April 27, 2012
By , Oak Park, MI
It was a sunny summer day of 2001 I had to either be 4 or 5. It was around 9 o’clock when I woke up and I was hungry so I made me some breakfast. I made eggs, hash browns, biscuits, bacon, sausage, and French toast. After all of the food was done I ate a healthy nutritious meal and drunk a glass of OJ then I took a nap. Later that day I woke up around 2 o’clock and I knew I had to get my day started. I iron my clothes, took a shower, and brushed my teeth. I told my sister to find something to do. She called her friend Stephanie and she didn’t answer my sister called back and she answers and said “I’m going to call you back”. Stephanie called back later and asked my sister what did she want? My sister said to Stephanie “what should we do today?” Stephanie told my sister we should have a potato sack race, my sister said “she doesn’t know if we should have potato sack race”. I said it doesn’t matter to me we can do whatever.

So after debating I eventually convinced my sister to come outside but as soon as we went outside it started to rain hard. The rain stopped like 10 minutes later so we went back outside, and I had to convince my sister again to come outside have a potato sack race even though she didn’t want to. I went outside with my sister, my sister friend Stephanie, and my big brother. It was still wet outside from the rain but I didn’t care I was a kid I wanted to go outside and play in the mud. We walked down the street to Stephanie house. Next to her house was an empty field or lot and that’s where we decide we wanted to have a potato sack race at. My sister and Stephanie did their race and my sister won so my brother and I had to do our race my sister dropped the flag and we started racing, I was in the lead, my brother pushed me, I fell and cut my knee. I stayed on the ground for a couple minutes, I got up but I wasn’t crying I was just shocked because the cut was to the white meat, I passed out, woke up and my sister was carrying me up the street.

I got to the house my mama was just getting off work. Once my mama seen me she instantly put me in her van. She kept saying hurry up to my granny. So we finally got to Children’s Hospital in downtown Detroit…I believe it was Children’s Hospital. When we got there the doctors said I would have to get stitches and that’s when I started crying. All I remember after that is my mom holding my hand the rest is blank. I came home that night a lot of my family was there everybody thought I was hurt bad and my brother was crying because he thought I was really really really really bad, but I was ok. He apologizes and since then I never did another potato sack race.

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