Chapter one...

April 24, 2012
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The room had some sort of an elegance to it, despite the odd vibe it gave off.
The walls were a pastel blue, with cherry wood lining.
The doors were pastel yellow, as were the window frames.
That alone gave it a...homey vibe. But the furniture kinda took that over.
I mean, everything the besides the bed. I can’t exactly see the bed, considering I’m in it.
All of the furniture looks high class, maybe from Ikea.
Between two white wardrobes with glass doors was a glass door, opening onto a balcony. To the right of them was a thick door, leading to who knows where. Beside that, a full length mirror, 6 inches wide, with pale yellow satin around the rimming, draping down to add a beautiful compliment to the mirror, despite it being a mirror.
Beside the bed that I am lying in, is a chair, beside that is a large window, and a charcoal grey desk, with three suitcases lying on the floor.
The desk looks oddly out of place, mainly because the room is filled of pastel colors, and the desk I just a bit different. It stands out, but it is lovely.
My-uh...the bed that I just so happen to be lying in, has four posts. The four posts aren’t normal posts. They’re thin things, shaped like trees.
Very unique....,very beautiful.
I sit up in this lovely bed and stretch, with a yawn, of course.
Staring down at the comforter-which, might I dare add, has tiny roses and stems all over it-, someone shuffles around outside, and then opens the door the teeniest tiniest bit before opening it up all the way.
A pretty little girl stands in the doorway, clinging onto the door handle. The handle and her are the same height. She can’t be older than 8.
She has long, golden wavy hair and by the look of her cheeks she’s probably flustered.
As soon as she spots me -awake and alive- she widens her eyes, closes the door and sprints down the hall.
“So, I must live here or something” I say to myself, rolling the comforter down.
I stare at in shock at my sickly skinny arms and legs, before adjusting my eyes to the flower covered satin nightgown.
I don’t remember putting it on. I don’t remember anything.
I stand up, and carefully step off the bed.
My legs feel weak as I walk to the door of the balcony...
It feels like someone is pulling me out of the dark as I step onto the balcony.
“Expressions changed over the years, I’ll dance alone...” I sing to myself, staring at the amazing view of a small town, and the ocean.
Most of the town is full of different sizes and colors of Victorian looking houses.
The part of the town not inhabited by the beautiful Victorian houses, well, it’s full of large modern looking buildings and family-run businesses.
At least, that’s what it looks like.
Since it seems that I’m on a house higher up then the rest of the town, I can’t be sure.
In the bedroom behind me, the door opens. Feet shuffle, something metal is put down. Maybe a platter, or metal tray.
Instead of looking behind me, I admire the beautiful white granite railing of the balcony.
“Um, Miss?” A smooth, formal voice says behind me.
I turn around quite quickly, causing my head to spin.
The two ladies gasp,bow, and lower their heads.
“Why are you wearing a maids outfit?” I ask, looking at the little girl from before, “Oh, hello there.” I smile. I actually smile.
The lady in the maids outfit -who appears to be around 18- gives me a shy look before finally raising her head to look at me properly.
Her hair reminds me of a bouquet of red roses. Her face is so utterly beautiful, everything is in shape and fits perfectly; the way her jawbones slightly stand out, her tiny nose, her wide green eyes.
“I’m-I’m sorry, Miss,” She stutters, “Do you not like it? Is there a wrinkle?”
She stands up straight and adjusts her black and white, boring but cute maids dress.
“Oh, no. It’s lovely, it just doesn’t suit you..maybe a pale pink with a white..” I say, tilting my head, realizing she’s been calling me “miss”.
Miss? What am I? The queen of England? Haha. No.
I’m not even British, or English. Well, at least I don’t think so...
“ look weak! You should rest...” She says, smiling slightly.
“We..we brought you toast and jam and tea..” The little girl with the golden waves says, slowly motioning behind her.
A smile creeps across my face as I gracefully walk towards my bed, holding my nightgown up a bit.
“So...where are my clothes? I mean, I can’t wear this nightgown the rest of my life” I say, giggling and sitting down on my -the- bed to admire my the toast and tea, laid all across a tray on my bed.
“Oh...right. Well, there are different varieties of dresses and skirts in the two glass dressers...In the dresser over there has a bunch of different shirts and pants, shorts, undergarments and what not...Knock yourself out, ma’am. We’ll be downstairs” The older girl in the maids dress says, smiling and curtseying before walking towards the door..
“Not literally..Don’t knock yourself out literally” The younger one says, smiling and following her.
“Wait! One last thing....” I say, carefully dropping a sugar cube in my tea and stirring it.
“Yes, ma’am?” The two of them say in chorus.
“Your names. I didn’t seem to catch them.....” I say, pouring a teeny bit of milk into my tea and stirring it, just like with the sugar cube.
“My name’s Lilica, and this is Audrey,” The older one -Lilica- says, smiling, “Will that be all?”
“Yes, gorgeous” I say, smiling and sipping my tea.
They both curtsey and leave.
“What? Is it not the 21st century or....” I mumble to myself, spreading peanut butter over one piece of toast after setting my tea down, then raspberry jam over another.

After I finish my toast and tea, I make my bed.
Then, I set off to find an outfit to wear.
What do people wear now? A dress? Pants? Shorts? A skirt and blouse?
Eventually after searching through all of the -my?- clothes, I find a bra that fits, underwear that fits and a dress that fits.
The dress a pale yellow, with teal and pastel pink flowers on the side and a “swing” skirt.
Then, I look around for shoes.. in the end I find a pair of blue ballet slippers.
They fit perfectly.
I spin and dance around the room.
It’s weird how I can’t remember anything, but I can remember how to spin and dance like a ballerina.
Deciding against finding other shoes, I open the door that Lilica and Audrey went in and out of.
A quietly shut my door and walk towards a dark oak guarding rail.
Glancing down, I notice that my -the?- bedroom and the uh, what should I call it?
It’s sort of a hallway, with two grand slightly curved staircases, dark sea green walls, perfectly waxed wooden floors, five different doors, and two couches.
Oh, and four lovely windows. Two on either sides of a thick wooden door with a small glass pane in the middle of it. Perhaps, the front door?
As for the other doors, I have no idea.
The hallway outside my bedroom stretches out to the left and right of me, with many doors. And another staircase, going upwards of course.
Everything is so unfamiliar.
“That way....that way...or that decision” I whisper to myself, glancing over the railing, to the left of me, and to the right of me.
I hear someone speaking to the left of me, so I try to quietly sprint to the right, and up the stairs.
No one can sprint quietly.
I don’t honestly think it’s possible
“Who’s there?” A girl says as I sprint up the stairs, but she’s probably too far away to hear me.
Giggling, I stop myself and then begin to walk up the stairs, instead of sprint.
It doesn’t really seem to be my gig to randomly wander around other people’s houses when they have so graciously taken me in.
Unless, I live here?
Who knows..
Wait a second. They probably know.
At the top of the stairs, there’s a singular door.
I glance around me, and carefully twist the knob. The door doesn’t budge.
“Damn” I say, turning around.

I spent what seemed like ages lingering around, admiring the perfect woodwork and beautiful furniture.

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