Grandma’s House

April 15, 2012
By Andrea Getz BRONZE, Saint Joseph, Michigan
Andrea Getz BRONZE, Saint Joseph, Michigan
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“You guys really aren’t going to come with us?” Alice asked watching her mother help Rebecca, Alice’s little sister, pack for their grandma's house. She lived too far away to visit all the time, so they went to visit her on Christmas and stayed with her till New Years.
“You know how your father and I feel about traveling and you know we don’t celebrate Christmas,” her mother said while folding clothes.
“I know but this is different than the other times. This is the last Christmas before I move away,” Alice said to her mother.
“I understand but you two will be going alone as usual,” her mother said grabbing the bags and taking them out to the car. Rebecca and I were still packing in the room when our mom left.
“Why don’t mom and dad go visit grandma?” Rebecca asked Alice.
“They just don’t like to travel. They feel safer just staying home,” Alice explained to Rebecca.
“Why doesn't mom like Christmas?” Rebecca asked.
“She lost her sister on Christmas and ever since then they didn’t celebrate it,” Alice told her. They finished their packing and put them in the car. When they were done they went to bed to rest for tomorrow.
The next morning they both woke up early and their parents drove them to the airport to drop them off. But the road was really icy so they had to drive slower than normal.
“Dad, can you maybe speed it up a little? We are going to miss are flight,” Alice said to her dad.
“Just calm down. We will get to the airport on time,” her dad replied. Alice couldn’t stop staring at the clock, hoping the plane wouldn’t leave without them. They made it to the airport and they went inside and sat in the area next to their gate. Their parents returned home after dropping them off. It was almost time for them to get on the airplane when there was an announcement.
“Attention, this flight has been delayed due to the blizzard. The flight will depart after the blizzard has past.”
“No way, the flight can’t be delayed,” Alice grabbed her bags and started walking towards the lady that made the announcement. Rebecca quickly grabbed her bags and followed.
“Hello, how can I help you?”
“Yeah hi, I don’t think I heard the announcement right. Did you just say that this flight is delayed?” Alice asked the lady.
“Yes, there is a blizzard.”
“But we have to get to our grandma’s house. We need to leave today,” Alice started to panic. Her voice started getting louder and she started clenching her fists. Breathing heavy, she started pacing while glaring at the lady standing behind the counter.
“I’m sorry but that is not going to happen. Please go take a seat until the blizzard has passed,” before Alice could say anything else, Rebecca grabbed her arm and pulled her away. Once they were back in the seating area, Alice started thinking of a way to get to their grandma’s house before Christmas arrives. Eventually Alice thought of a solution.
“Rebecca, grab your bags and follow me,” they both grabbed their bags and Rebecca followed Alice.
“What are we going to do?” Rebecca asked Alice.
“We are going to rent a car and drive through the blizzard.”
“How are we suppose to rent a car? Are you even old enough? Do you have any money?” Rebecca asked.
“I’m twenty five and I have been saving money that I can use,” they both walked outside of the airport and went across the street to a rental car store. Alice rented a car and they packed all their stuff in it and started their drive.
“Wow, the snow is getting thick. But don’t worry we will be fine,” Alice told Rebecca putting her face closer to the window.
“We should have stayed in the airport and just waited,” Rebecca said.
“If we would have stayed then we wouldn’t make it to grandma’s house on time. But we probably should call mom and dad to tell them that we are driving,” Rebecca dug through Alice’s bag looking for her phone. When she found it she called their mom and told her what they were doing.
“You should have waited in the airport. It’s too dangerous to drive in this weather,” their mother said.
“She wouldn’t listen to me. Alice wants to get to grandma’s house on time. But we still are far away from grandma's house. We just got off the highway on grandma's exit, Alice watch out!” Rebecca screamed dropping the phone. The snow was falling very thick and they didn’t see that a huge truck was coming at them fast.
“Rebecca, Alice!” Their mother yelled into the phone. When she didn’t hear a response right away she told her husband and they jumped into the car and made their way to their children. When the parents arrived to where their children said they were there were police officers everywhere. The parents asked one of the officers where the children in one of the cars were taken. He told them that they were taken to the hospital a mile up the road. They got back into their car and called the grandma telling her what was happening. They all made their way to the hospital.
“What happened?” The grandma asked the mother.
“I don't know. I was talking to Alice then all of a sudden there was a loud noise then it went silent," the mother explained.
“I'm looking for the parents of Alice and Rebecca Johnson,” a doctor announced into the waiting room.
“We are the parents. Are our kids alright?” The parents asked the doctors.
“Rebecca's injuries were not life threatening. She has a broken arm and leg but she will heal fine,” the doctor told them.
"What about Alice?" The mom asked.
"Her injuries were more serious. We were not able to stop the internal bleeding, I'm sorry," the doctor said putting his hand on the fathers shoulder. The mother burst into tears and went to go see Rebecca, the father and grandma followed behind her.
"Rebecca," the mom said.
"Mom, dad, where is Alice?" Rebecca asked.
"She didn't make it sweetie," the dad said.
"I can't believe this. She is so stupid; I can't believe she did that," Rebecca said.
"What are you talking about?" The mom asked.
"Out of nowhere Alice threw her body on top of mine trying to protect me. If she would have stayed in her seat she probably would still be alive," Rebecca said while starting to cry.
"She tried to protect you? That's my girl," the dad said. By now everyone was crying.

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