Seven Deadly Sins Committed at the Ballpark

April 13, 2012
By Anonymous

Seven Deadly Sins Committed at the Ballpark:
Help These Helpless Players!

Harris County, GA—Avarice, lust, greed, envy, gluttony, wrath, sloth and pride are just a few of the sins committed on Saturday at the Harris County High School baseball fields during a double header.
“That coach obviously has no idea what he is doing, if he did, my child would not be sitting on the bench.”
This is what is heard loud and clear from the bleachers. These parents sit at the bottom of the bleachers in their small groups gossiping nonstop about the “obnoxious” student section two rows over.
All the students’ care about is whether or not they are seen at the ball games. Each girl would be wearing either her cleat chaser t-shirt or diamond doll gear hoping to catch the eye of one the players. The look they get from other girls is more than enough satisfaction to get them going.
While the boys off the field are much more concerned with the girls in bleachers, they are also quite envious of the boys out on the field.
As the game gets underway, there are more and more comments made by parents and students.
“And that umpire, he’s blind as a bat!!!”
The coach screams this as he runs out onto the field confronting the umpire about an awful call.
“Do you see that shortstop? He is the laziest athlete I’ve ever seen! Anyone could run circles around him.”
The fans in the stands yell unyieldingly at the players, other fans, and the umpire. Yelling at this young boy though will do no good. All he cares about is the pretty girl announcing his name with more enthusiasm than anyone else’s.
Along with the crazy parents and obnoxious students, there is no forgetting about the workers. For instance, the concessions stand volunteers. It’s all about the food when it comes to these people.
“Grill those hamburgers! Stir that cheese! Fry those french fries and put that candy out on the counter!”
These workers leave no room for dessert but that doesn’t mean they don’t eat it.
With the terrible umpires, unhappy and crazy parents, and obnoxious students, how are these boys ever going to win a game?

The author's comments:
I love baseball.

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