March 24, 2012
By TheBellusSociety PLATINUM, North Olmsted, Ohio
TheBellusSociety PLATINUM, North Olmsted, Ohio
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"The poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese." -Gilbert K. Chesterton

I walk into English class, plop my books down and sigh. Finally, one class the weird new kid isn't in! I don't even mind our evil, drunk, clown teacher, Mrs. Downing. Mind you, the she is not a clown like the new kid, but in the sense that she has no fashion sense and she wears too much make-up. Anyway, she starts the lesson on verbs (which we are learning about for the fourth time this year) and Atto sprints into class five minutes late. He proceeds to trip over a chair and fall on his face right next to me. Mrs. Downing says, "Atto, that's a weeks detention!" I protest, "Why does he get detention? He just fell!" "He fell at an inappropriate time! And watch your tone or you'll get detention, too!" I sigh and go to help him up when she says, "If you help him up, you'll get detention too!" I roll my eyes as he staggers to his feet. "May I go to the restroom?" "No." "But..." "No." He sits down next to me, "You just watch, I'm gonna p*ss my pants." That was when I had first started to like Atto.

The author's comments:
Atto number 4. If you haven't guessed, all of these stories are based on real life events.

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