The Soldier She Loved

March 24, 2012
She walked into the kitchen waiting for the phone to ring. It was Friday after all, the day he always called. She stared at the phone and just kept waiting. Waiting was the hardest part. Not the fact that he was thousands of miles away, the fact that she only got to talk to him for an hour every few days, or the fact that she never even knew where he was. She decided to distract herself. She didn’t want to do something outside or something that would make her miss the phone call. She missed him too much for that. She decided to do a word search. That didn’t last long though. She couldn’t help but keep watching the clock. 8:15 was when he was supposed to call. 8:05 the clock read. How was she going to distract herself for another 10 minutes? She got out of the lounge chair and walked back into the kitchen. She opened the fridge door and pulled out an orange juice. The phone rang. Faster than you can blink she picked up the phone.

“Hello my beautiful.” He said.
It felt nice to hear his voice after a week of not due to him being somewhere with no phone service. They wrote letters but they got there out of order, or took to long to get there.

“It’s so good to finally hear your voice.” She replied as she twirled the bright shiny engagement ring on her finger.

“What are your plans for the weekend?” he asked her. He was tired she could tell. She wanted to tell him to go to sleep but she had been waiting so long to hear his voice.

“Well tomorrow I’m going to pick up my dress and make sure everything is ready and then Sunday is my bridal shower” She smiled to herself.
They were getting married in a week and he would be home in two days. She would finally be able to hold him in her arms again and kiss those perfect lips she had longed to kiss.
She heard him yawn over the phone.

“Would you like to go?” She asked as she put the orange juice back in the fridge.

“Nah, I’m sure you’ve been driving yourself crazy waiting for this phone call.”

“You know me to well,” She said smiling to yourself, “but you should go sleep. I’ll write to you tomorrow. Sleep tight.”
She was sad that he had to go but she knew in three days she’d be back in his arms.

“Sleep tight. Goodnight my love, I’ll see you in three days.”
With a click she hung up the phone and let out a huge sigh. Walking towards the stairs she turned off all the lights as she passed them. Heading up the stairs she stopped to look at the pictures she had hung up when they moved in. She always stopped halfway up the stairs to look at their engagement pictures. Smiling to herself she climbed the rest of the stairs and headed to bed.
She woke up and followed the same routine she had for a while now. Got up, dressed, makeup, hair, ate, and headed to work. On her way home she stopped to make sure everything was still in order for the wedding. Every time she checked up on things she got so excited, the next week couldn’t go buy fast enough. She pulled into the drive way and sat there for a minute.

He’ll be home tomorrow. She thought to herself. She couldn’t help but smile.
She opened the back door and got out the decorations she bought on her lunch break. He hated when she went all out just because he was coming home. She’d called his family, her family, and their friends for a party tomorrow night. It took her forever to set up the house and to cook the food but the smile on everyone’s face would be worth it. Even though she knew she wouldn’t get a single second of sleep she headed up stairs to try.

She tossed and turned all night but did manage to get some sleep. She got up and checked the calendar to make sure it was the correct date. Saturday, November 5. She quickly took a shower, did her hair and makeup and ate even though she was too excited. Grabbing her jacket and purse she checked herself in the mirror one last time.

You look perfect. Although he would still love you if you showed up looking like a mess.
Just as she was about to call to check the flight her doorbell rang. She didn’t know why but she got a knot in her stomach as it rang. Shaking she opened the door. Immediately tears feel down her eyes. Two men wearing their dress blues were standing at her door. She didn’t need them to say anything.

“We’re so sorry. There plane went down on the way back due to unknown causes.”
The tears kept sliding down her face. She just nodded and went back inside. They followed, she noticed. The entire living room, dining room, and kitchen were decorated. Standing in the middle of the room she cried and sat on the couch. They stayed for a few minutes to ask if she needed anything. She couldn’t speak so she just nodded. After they left she just sat there.

The doorbell rang again and she nearly jumped out of her chair. Pulling herself together she answered the door. It was her best friend who lived next door. She was pulled into a hug and the tears slid faster.

Her best friend walked into the house, made her tea, helped her make phone calls, and undecorated the house.

“Thank you for your help but I just need to be alone right now.”
Her friend nodded and left. She started heading up the stairs and stopped halfway through. She looked at the engagement pictures and how happy they looked together. He was so beautiful and wonderful. He was her solider, and she loved him. She slowly climbed the rest of the stairs and cried herself to sleep that night.

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