An Interesting Ride Home

March 16, 2012
By swee-t PLATINUM, Kansas City, Missouri
swee-t PLATINUM, Kansas City, Missouri
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Obviously I missed something while I was in my 3-day comma, mom said some things had changed but I never would have thought of what she really meant. Yeah things had changed, the whole world had changed; it was like we were now living in a cartoon. In some parts of the town people were riding on pogo sticks as if they were cars, some people were even riding those 3 person bikes you see in movies. In one part of town the streets and sidewalks were covered in snow and there was a baby in a sleigh being pulled by dogs! I don’t know why but one thing that freaked me out the most was a giant pack of clowns waiting at a bus stop, they were all just standing there with their big feet and red noses.
Something that made me laugh though was when I saw a man being walked by his German Sheppard, I cracked up because the dog was standing on its hind legs; you know like Courage the Cowardly Dog would. You could say the ride home was an interesting one, but nothing I saw then was as shocking as what our house had turned into during my 3-day nap: a pear! Our house was a pear! Not only that but every house on the block was a fruit! My friend Sam’s house was an apple, and my aunt and uncle’s house was a bunch of bananas! It was so creepy that it made bananas go from my favorite fruit to my least favorite; in fact I may never eat another fruit again.
When my mom and I got into the house I was happy to see that everything was perfectly normal, exactly as I remembered it had been. I called out for my dad and he came striding into the living room.
“Hey kido!” he said happy to see me back on my feet, but I couldn’t answer him, I was stunned by the choice of his welcome home outfit: a pair of bright yellow and neon green shorts and a very obviously-no-way-to-deny-it bright pink shirt! That was it, I couldn’t take any of it. Never in my life had I ever seen my dad wear anything remotely close to those colors, I’d be scared for life. I snapped my eyes shut wishing for refuge, and when I opened them again, I was RELIEVED to find myself lying in my hospital bed, and that it had all been a dream!

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