Finally For Sure

March 15, 2012
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It was a beautiful summer day. The sun was out, it was not raining, and a sweet cool breeze swept across the street. Josh and Janelle were playing basketball on their driveway. The two were waiting for their friends, so they could all head to the movie theatre. About five minutes later, their friends showed up. They all jumped in to Josh’s convertible and headed off. When they arrived at the theatre, their mouths dropped at the size of the line up. It was out the door! “ Good thing we bought our tickets before we arrived here, Right Janelle?”, Lea asked. “ Right Janelle?”, she asked a little louder.
“Oh, sorry, I was just looking at that hottie over there!” she said
“ OH, ya he is smoking hot, Janelle. Good eye!”, said her friend Kaitlynne.
“Girls, can we get back to the movie topic, please?”, asked Austin.
“ Ok, the tickets are right here!” laughed Janelle.
As they walked into the theatre, a tall, brown haired man stuck his foot out and tripped Josh.
“ Yo, what’s your problem, man?”, Josh shouted angrily.
“Josh, can we keep going, I don’t want to get into this type of mess again!” said Lea.
She gently pulled Josh away from the man. All of the friends waited in line, bought their popcorn, and went to find some seats in the theatre.
Josh sat beside Lea.( Lea has had a major crush on Josh since they began going to school together.)
About an hour into the movie, Josh leaned over and whispered to Lea.
“ Can I talk to you alone outside of this theatre?” he whispered.
“ Ya, sure. I’ve seen this movie already.” she replied.
They both got up from their seats, and headed out to the foyer of the theatre.
Lea asked Josh what was up. He looked a little nervous.
“ Are you ok? “, she asked.
“ Ya, uh…..” , he muttered.
“ You know what, I’m just going to come right out and say this.” he said with a breath of fresh air.
“I love you, Lea, and I have had a crush on you since we started to go to school together.” he busted out.
With a quick giggle, Lea laughed saying, ”Well, it took you long enough!”
They both laughed, and then Josh asked Lea if she wanted to be his girlfriend.
Obviously, Lea said yes!
The two walked back into the theatre and sat back down. Josh leaned over and kissed Lea on the cheek.
After the movie, Lea walked home with Josh. Luckily, Josh’s mom and dad weren’t home. The couple went to the park and sat on the swings. Josh looked Lea and kissed her on the lips!!!!
As Josh looked up, he realized his mom was right beside him with his little brother, Jason.
“ Mom, I can explain!” she said hesitantly.
“ Is this the girl you like? What’s her name again?” his mother asked
“ Yes mom, this is Lea Arthurs.
“ Oh hello, Lea, nice to finally meet you!” Josh’s mother said with a huge smile on her face.
“ Usually, I don’t let my little Joshy date, but I am a very good friend with your parents. And I know that you are a Christian, and won’t pressure Josh into doing anything bad!” his mom said.
“ So, we can start going out on dates, mom?” Josh asked his mom.
“ If her parents say yes, It’s fine with me!” his mother said with a smile.

Lea went home and asked her parents if she could start dating Josh.
They said Yes!
Josh and Lea both went on to college, and both of them got their degree in the medical field.
When Josh was twenty three, and Lea was twenty one, the two got married. They had two beautiful children.
One boy, and one girl. They named the girl Katie, and the boy Nathan.
Josh and Lea stayed together through the rough times, the good times, and all the inbetween.
They lived happily ever after.

The End

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