Night Terror

March 9, 2012
By Countrymusicgirl BRONZE, Traverse City, Michigan
Countrymusicgirl BRONZE, Traverse City, Michigan
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Time had stopped. I glanced at the clock, ten thirty. Had it really only been a half hour since the accident? What was taking so long? The people who took her in one of the ambulances said she was only unconscious. My own arm was in a blue sling, bruised and broken. My parents looked scared, but when they saw me, I saw joy in their brown eyes. I knew they were not happy about their oldest daughter getting hit, but they were happy I was alive.

“It's going to be okay, sweetie. Any minute the doctor will come out and say Sky is one lucky girl and will be fine. Just wait baby, you'll see.” Mom had been saying that the past ten minutes. I looked away hoping Mom was right.

“Hey, I got here as fast as I could.” A very winded and frantic Tyler panted as he rushed to us. “What happened?” Sky's best friend in the whole world trembled with every word. God, he looked a mess. His walk was choppy, tripping over nothing, his arms shook violently. He had on gray, baggy sweat pants, with his favorite blueish gray, two sizes too big shirt. His usually calm eyes were full of panic, darting from one person to another.

“ We, we were walking. Sky, she was talking about the party at your house last night. We were close to home, when we saw headlights swerving on the road. The headlights came at us fast, I was frozen with terror.” This was hard, tears were breaking loose. I hugged myself and took a deep breath. “The dark night was filled with the yellow light turning onto the street we were on. Sky grabbed my arm and shoved me into a ditch. She never started to run when the car threw her onto the road. I called nine-one-one, and was told not to touch Sky, help would be there soon. A man got out. He was the neighborhood drunk, no one ever saw him without a beer or whiskey with him.” I felt anger taking over my worry. How could he do this to anyone? My hands were clenched in tight fists, Tyler looked pissed. “He said in a slurred, thick voice that Sky was stupid and deserved to be hit running out like that. I punched him, he grabbed my arm and said I was just as stupid as Sky. The ambulance and police found him punching me, and me kicking him.” I couldn't go on, the tears were a downpour.

“How, how is Sky? Will she live?” Tyler said whispering the words, tears drenched his sleeves.

“She was unconscious when they brought her in, that was about forty five minutes ago. They said her chances were slim, but miracles have been seen before in cases like this.” That was the most Dad had said since I called him when the drunk was arrested. His face was expressionless, it's not that he didn't care, it was him trying to be strong. Strong for himself, us, and Sky all at once. His little girl was with strangers fighting to live, as we sat in the cold waiting room.

I remember how Sky would come in every night, hop on my bed. She would listen to everything I told her. And I told her everything. I've told her about every crush I ever had, what my friends did to me at lunch, how Mom made my angry after school today. Everything. And she would listen, rubbing my back as I spoke. Then she would say what she thought. Sky, who was always blunt with words, would be kind and soft spoken. She would think before saying. And I was always there for her. When her first boyfriend broke her heart, her and Tyler’s first big fight. And I listened to her. Who would do that now? Dad always said he was there for Sky and me, but he was Dad, somethings are just between sisters, not parents. I wonder if Sky knows that we all are here waiting for her to be okay? She always talked about getting married in a field with a reception in a barn. She also talked about the amazing party she would have at her funeral. She needs to live her dreams. Who will give their kids those names she loved? She needs to fulfill those dreams first, she's only eighteen. Who will be my maid of honor? My kids favorite aunt? Give a stupid, and embarrassing graduation speech? I need her, how will I finish my Freshman year without her?

The creamy, light brown wood door swung open. A doctor walked out in light blue scrubs, blood splattered all over his long, thin torso. He wore a grim expression, taking deep breaths. He looked at us with sad, hopeless, green eyes. Tyler held my hand, wow, his grip is strong like Sky had told me hundreds of times. “I'm sorry. Sky died. We did everything we could possibly do for her. The brain damage was very intense, if she lived, she would live in a vegetative state. It is amazing that she lived as long as she did. I'm truly sorry, I had hopes to give you happy news.” The doctor spoke the words softly, yet they echoed in my head loudly. Time sped up.

“She's dead. She's dead.” over and over in my head, louder each time. How could this be? Two hours ago, Sky was very alive, laughing, running her hands through her long, curly auburn hair, talking on the phone with one of her friends, music loud. He must be wrong, Sky must be alive. But deep, deep down I knew he was right. I could kill Joe the drunk with my bare hands, that's how mad I am. Time once again stopped. Suddenly, I am aware of what is going on. Mom is hysterical, Dad is holding her, rocking her in his strong tan arms. Her brown hair has been messed with, her shirt is wrinkled. Tyler is crying, holding onto me for life, and I'm clinging to him. My life has been shattered. I cry into Tyler's muscular shoulder.

“Sky is an organ donor.” The words escape my mouth without warning. Sky never let me forget this, she was so proud, excited, about being reused. “Take what ever you need. Sky, Sky wanted this. Just make her look good and full again. Give what you can to the sick children, it's one dream that Sky will be able to fulfill that hasn't been fulfilled yet. She loved kids. Can you tell me who they will go to? I would love to tell them about the amazing person Sky was.” They all starred at me. Everyone was shocked, and you saw it in their faces. Only three minutes after being told Sky is dead, I want her body cut open. “Well, it's what she wanted. Go! There are hundreds of people who need those organs right now. Please, just let us say good bye first. It would mean a lot to us.” I trembled, the looks of shock turned into watery smiles. Mom looked a little better and Tyler gave me another squeeze.

“I was really hoping Sky was an organ donor, Jamie needs a heart, and he's seven. Then there's Lilian, five, who could have another organ. Yes, Sky will not have died in vain.” He turned to go back to Sky, but then turned back to face us. “After we know where every useable organ will be going we will tell you where to go to see them.” With that he walked through the doors with a new step, the difference was he had a purpose now. This doctor had several life giving organs save, and we followed with our own purposeful step.

As we walked down the shiny white hall I thought to myself about how Sky will never really leave us. Even though her body is dead, her spirit, or soul, is very much with us, walking with us right now. She gave me the strength to announce she is an organ donor. I could feel her presence with me, holding me and telling me to put one foot in front of the other.

We reached the dark room that she was in. Her hand was faintly warm to the touch, she still had her color. Though I'm not sure if the color was really her, or her blood. Mom stroked her baby, while Dad kissed the bloody forehead and pet her once beautiful hair, that was now messy, tangled, and drenched in her blood.

We cried as we rubbed softly the body that was once a sister, best friend, lover, daughter, a role modal for the last time. Sky died for me tonight. She didn't have to, really it should have been me, but she loved me so much that she gave her life for me. I will honor her name, her memory forever. I will never forget her love. Now, others will live because of her bravery. Sky is here, listening to us once again, and she will never leave. She will be there at my wedding, our parent's funeral, greeting them with love and happiness. Sky will always be proud of us, even when we make mistakes. We said our tearful goodbyes, and I love you's, and told the doctor to take the organs out.

Quickly, Tyler dug through his wallet and found a picture taken last week of the two of them. In the picture Tyler is deeply tanned in an ocean blue shirt, holding Sky and laughing with her. Her hair is brushed from her face, her face is pure joy. The two are in an apple and cherry orchard. The blossoms surround them, float into their hair. “I want Sky to have this picture, I have another at home, I forgot to give it to her last night. It was her favorite picture taken that day, probably because of the blossoms in our hair.” He thumbed the picture tenderly, pressed it to his lips. “I love you Sky, always have and always will.” Sky then went to fulfill her destiny, saving kids young lives with her organs.

The author's comments:
This piece is about a girl who is in a hospital after her sister is hit by a drunk driver. This is about death and grieving, but also courage.

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