my only wish

March 3, 2012
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I had longed for the day, the day where my parents would hug me and say their proud unlike the days where they would beat me just because they lost on the poker machines or spent the last of their money on speed or cocaine, I was blamed for everything.
The teachers notice the bruising on my arms but dare not to say anything. Their afraid. All the children in the school yard laugh and giggle at my tattered and warn uniform no one will play with me. They know I'm different.
I go to the nurse and say "I tried to kill myself again, just to make my parents grieve" she doesn't say anything she just nods and takes notes...Isn't she meant to help?
Each day the pain didn't hurt as much I was used to it by now. On June fifth my dad came home yelling my name and cursing he was fired from his job. I push myself into the corner of my room hoping it would help. It didn't. He finds me sitting in the corner shaking he lifts me up and pushes me against the wall he curses some more. My dad punches me until i can no longer stand then he kicks me in my stomach until I can no longer lye straight. I than get slammed against the scarlet walls so hard I heard my rips break my head start to bleed as he hit me with his shoe.
"Please god please my only with is to be dead please just kill me now" I plead hoping someone can hear me with the last ounce of hope inside me.
I lie on the mahogany floor slipping in and out of consciousness, I hear my farther walk out of the room saying "stupid b****"
Everything went black

My name is Lilly Ann and tonight
My daddy murdered me
My wish came true

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