Good Morning Christmas

March 5, 2012
By iliketurtles BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
iliketurtles BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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“Wake up mommy it’s Christmas!” Michael Johnson was jumping on his parents bed trying to get them out. Michael was only five years old with sandy blonde hair and ocean blue eyes glistening behind his new, polished glasses. He had on pajamas with all sorts of dinosaurs, there were ones with horns, with wings, and ferocious ones with massive teeth.
Oh my goodness, why don’t they want to come! Michael wanted to scream! He did not understand why they were not bouncing like he was. Finally, after much tugging, Michael got them to the living room with the tree and presents.
The tree was beautiful, there bright bulbs of gold, crimson red, and metallic blue, reflecting the light and pushing it a hundred different ways. There were also pinecones, fresh ones that had not left the tree yet. There was the crisp, clean smell of pine in the air. Out the window the snow was lightly falling from the sky and landing to its final resting place. Michael took it all in, this is beautiful, the tree smells fantastic. this would be the Christmas to remember.
When Michael spotted the presents his heart skipped a beat, oh my gosh, these presents can’t be for me, he thought. He saw the poorly wrapped presents he got for his parents, he went with his grandma and picked out an orange drill for his dad and an apron for his mother.
The presents were wrapped in all kinds of wrapping paper, there was one kind with singing snowmen and reindeer with bells on their necks and a blue background. The second had Santa Clause flying his sleigh full of presents for the good girls and boys, it had a bright red background. The last one had candy canes that had red and white endlessly spiraling down, there were also Christmas trees with all sorts of ornaments, the background was dark green with stars that seemed to come alive, Mom and Dad got me so much stuff and I only got them one thing. Michael thought sadly. Michael had his mom and dad open their presents first, his dad opened the drill, Michael scrunched up his nose and closed his eyes, hoping his dad would like it. He opened his eyes and he saw his dad with a giant grin, his cleanly shaved face was shining from the light of the ornaments. This same thing happened with his mother and the apron. He ran over and gave both of his parents a huge hug.
Now it was Michael’s turn to open the presents, he saw a ton of presents of all different sizes and shapes. Before he even opened one gift he had to shake every single one, he had to guess what each one was, is this a sweater, maybe socks, geese I hope these are not socks. after shaking each one crazily he carefully removed the bow from each present to use for next year. He set his pace slow and steady for the first present and as he was peeling the snowmen paper away, he saw his first present. It was a present about one foot tall and had the shine of a new plastic, it was an action figure but not just any action figure it was a Spider Man action figure! Michael had wanted that toy more than anything else. Spider Man stood there, with his white eyes with the dull shine of plastic, he also had on a dark blue set of pants and a bright red shirt and mask. Michael was already fighting back tears, he knew this was almost impossible to find. He had gone shopping dozens of times that year and had only seen a handful of them. Michael ran over and gave his parents a huge hug and never wanted to let go, but he had to.
Michael opened his other presents and this dad took a picture of Michael’s face as soon as he saw what it was. Michael could not believe that this was real, but now it was time for breakfast.

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