February 27, 2012
By Hadran Sigaran BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
Hadran Sigaran BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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My knees were trembling as I hid in the dark. Beads of sweat pouring from my hair, and the feeling of being nauseous came to me. I couldn’t see, because it was pitch black. Nothing but silence surfaced the air almost as if the world was inhabitant and I was the only human being on earth.

Until I heard her yell, ”Why is my gate open? Is someone here?”

I was 9 it was a windy day in California. My two older brothers decided to go play soccer. Time went by fast I guess that’s what happens when you are really into something. It took long time to finally realize that I was bathed in sweat, and my clothes looked as if they’ve been inside a pool of sweat. We decided to go in, but before we went inside, my brother made a last penalty shot. When he kicked the ball it went as high as the atmosphere, it even looked as if the ball was piercing it. When it came down, it landed in the neighbor’s backyard.

I told my oldest brother, “I’m going to jump the fence, to get the ball.”

He replied,” nah just leave it alone, or wait for my mom.” When they got inside the house, I jumped over the fence.

Their backyard looked like a jungle since it was fall, and leaves were everywhere. Vines were covering a big proportion of the house. I looked around for what seemed like thirty minutes, but it was just 5 min that had passed. When I saw my ball it was shining bright as the sun’s beam of light hit it. It was as if destiny wanted me to find it. Right when I touched the smooth silky surface of the ball I heard a sudden noise that made creek, and at that moment I knew somebody had opened the gate. I knew the neighbors were back.

I saw the old shack it was dirty and looked barren. It looked as if it was as old as my grandpa. I hid in the shack as I crouched out of sight. It smelled so bad, like rotten eggs with vomit from someone who ate too many burgers.

I heard a mumbling voice pass by, it sounded like, “ why do I have to do chores why can’t my lazy sisters do the chores.” Right then I knew that was my cue to get out of there. As I looked pass the driveway it looked lonelier than a ghost town. It was so abandon tumbleweed wouldn’t even pass through it. I finally I got as far as to the gate. That’s when he spotted me.

The neighbors Chihuahua, but this was no normal Chihuahua. It was as big as a Rottweiler, and as strong as ten men put together. I thought to myself this was such a hassle. I didn’t feel like getting chased by a dog, maybe I would be able to tire him out. I ran as fast as a cheetah on a rocket. I managed to throw the ball over the fence, but I didn’t have enough time to jump it. The dog never got tired, and the Chihuahua ran forever, it seemed as if I was running for miles and miles and miles. He was like a long lasting battery that could light up a whole city for 1000 years. As I circled the block one time, I finally saw my oldest brother, Ernesto.

As I passed the fence he picked me up like a feather, but the devious dog managed to bite a piece of my leg. From this experience I realized that it doesn’t hurt to ask for help once in a while.

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