My Favorite Vacation

February 28, 2012
By Hannah Smith SILVER, Monticello, Illinois
Hannah Smith SILVER, Monticello, Illinois
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I feel the lukewarm water cover my feet. My heart is beating right out of my chest.

It was my first vacation to South Carolina. My mom and dad shocked my little brother, Cameron and I with this vacation to the beach.

The car ride there felt like eternity. 16 hours with Cameron had to be a worse punishment than getting grounded from the TV. When we finally drew near the beach, I knew it was worth it.

The hotel that we are staying at is neighbors with the shore. They threw in a complimentary plane ride for two. The planes are a low-flying plane so the guests can check out the views of the shore and the water.

Cameron began throwing a fit because he wanted to ride the plane.

“I want to ride the plane, too!” I say. Dad agrees to let us go only if I promise to “keep an eye on Cameron at all times.”

“Sure Dad...” I mumble.

We cruise low in the sky looking through the private airplane windows. We zoom past overcrowded beaches, boats, and huge waves. Cameron claims he spots the haunting fin of a shark.

“Of course, and I see a huge dinosaur over by the palm trees to our left!” I say sarcastically with my famous eye roll.

“Isabel, I'm being serious! I'm not lying or exaggerating this time!” he replies.

I tune out Cameron and pop headphones into my ears. My life is the music video to “It Will Rain.” I begin to hum along.

After a few minutes, I see Cameron mouthing my name with tears streaming down his cheeks. I rip off my headphones and ask what is going on.

“The pilot says the engine caught fire. We need to make an emergency landing in the water! Are we going to die, Isabel?” Cameron questioned.

“We're gonna be okay, we're gonna be okay,” I say confidently. But honestly I was wondering the same question he was.

“Brace yourself for impact!” screams the pilot.

Why didn't I tell Mom and Dad I loved them? How can I protect myself from the crash? Why me?Will I be able to get a new cell phone if my phone gets wet? I ask myself a million questions. Before I answer one, I feel the rapid descent of the plane. It feels like a roller coaster. But on roller coasters you know that you are going to live after it's over.

SMACK! I feel the impact of the plane as it hits the water. It's as though the water turned into concrete when we hit it. I lurch forward out of my seat. My ears pop a couple times.

I swallow hard. My heart is beating louder than a drum. I feel water at my toes. I look down and there are huge gaps in the floor.

“We don't have much time until the plane sinks! You two crawl through the emergency exit to the right wing of the plane! Search for help,” the middle aged pilot cries.

We hop through the window. We hesitantly shuffle onto the wing of the airplane. I glance left to right, left to right. In the corner of my eye is a small fishing boat drawing near us!

“HELP! Help us! Our plane is gonna sink!” Cameron shouts.

“You stay right here and call over the fisherman. I'm going to tell the pilot of our rescuer!” I say.

“Hey! Come out here! Quickly! We've been saved.” I scream to the pilot. I look into the window and see water ascending to above the seat level! I hear no response from the pilot so I stick my head into the plane.

The pilot is trying to grab all that he can handle. The water is up to his stomach.

“Just drop everything, you have to come out now! A fisherman is coming to save us!” I shout. The pilot drops everything except for a photograph of a lady.

“I can't let this get ruined. It's a picture of my wife. She died in a car accident two years ago,” he said holding up the photo.

“I'm so sorry! Take it with you but you have to get out now!” I say. By this time, the water was already at his chest. The pilot swims over to the emergency exit with the picture above water. We both crawl out of it and onto the wing of the plane.

Cameron and the fisherman, who looked about my age, were already laughing in the fisherman's boat tied to the side of the plane. Cameron waved us over.

“Guys, this is Wyatt! He is our savior!” Cameron says.

“You guys look so hungry! Care for some fresh tuna?” Wyatt says with a wink.

I had the best vacation that summer. Wyatt became one of my best friends and we visit him in South Carolina every summer.

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