Beating the Best

February 28, 2012
By TheSage SILVER, Monticello, Illinois
TheSage SILVER, Monticello, Illinois
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This was it. In Luke’s entire baseball career this was by far the biggest and most nerve-racking moment. Luke as in 8th grade and played on the Titans Middle school baseball team, and now the state semifinals game was in his hands.

The bases were loaded, two outs, tie ballgame, and Luke was up to bat. Luke had always been a stellar hitter, but this was a crazy moment. Luke stepped up to the plate, hands and knees shaking. He let the first pitch go for a strike, the 2nd pitch was a ball. Then as the pitcher wound up for the 3rd pitch, Luke knew it was a curve-ball and waited back, read the laces, and then swung. CRACK!!!!! The ball flew out of the park.

Luke ran around the bases yelling “We’re going to the championship!” Then when Luke reached home plate, his whole team swarmed him. After his team was done hugging him, his dad came up and hugged him as well. His dad also told Luke how proud of him he was.

Then the news reporters came up to Luke and asked him if they could do a quick interview. Luke was thrilled and said, “Certainly thanks so much for the offer.” The news asked Luke many questions about his win and how he plans to enter the championship game. Luke answered all questions politely and credited his teammates throughout the news talk.

When Luke left the ball park, his dad told him he would be playing Ben Leonard. Ben Leonard was the most hyped middle school baseball player in the country and had been on ESPN several times. He also carried his team to a state win last year. Ben was a star pitcher and could hit, too. If Luke could beat Ben, that would be the biggest sports accomplishment for him in his life. Another reason Luke wanted to beat Ben was because he was the biggest jerk Luke knew.

When Luke and his Dad got to the hotel, Ben was standing right inside the doors. When Luke walked by, Ben said,

“Hey loser, lucky win today” Luke was surprised and said

“Save your talking for the game”
Then Ben in a cocky tone said “It's not going to be much of a game” Luke decided he should just walk up to his room and not worry about this kid. Luke never liked arguing about sports, because he liked to let his playing do his talking. Luke decided to get some sleep since the game was the next day.

The next day Luke had his Dad take him to the ballpark at 3 o'clock even though the game started at 6. He wanted to get focused and make sure he was prepared when the game came later that day.

At 5 o'clock Luke's team members began to arrive for warm-ups. Luke had stretches and made sure his team was focused and just as ready to play as he was. After warm-ups, Luke's Dad had Luke warm up his arm, because he was going to start at the pitching position. Luke was their best pitcher and knew his Dad would have him pitch.

At 6 o'clock the game started with Luke's team up to bat. The first three batters were struck out by Ben. Then Luke went out and did the exact same as Ben did. Now it was the 2nd inning and Luke was up, he got two strikes on him but then he got a single. Unfortunately, the next three batters all grounded out.

Luke then went to the mound for the 2nd inning and got the first two outs but the next hitter, Ben, got a double, and when he reached second he winked at Luke. This made Luke mad and throw extra hard to the next batter who he struck out.

It was now the last inning and the Titans were up. Luke was on deck and the guy up to bat got a hit. Luke was up with a man on first. On the first pitch, Luke swung for the fences and connected. The ball soared over the fence for a two-run home run.

Now in the bottom of the 6th inning Luke's team was up 2-0. Ben was up 3rd that inning and so Luke knew he would have to face him. The first guy got out but the second got a double. Ben was now up. The first pitch Luke threw Ben hit. It went over the center fielder's head and he made a dead sprint backwards. The guy from second base had scored and now Ben was rounding 2nd base. The center fielder picked up the ball and fired it to the cut off, the cut off fired the ball home and when the catcher caught it Ben plowed him over. Suspense is the only word to describe it. It was like a movie. There was a big cloud of dust and the umpire was looking to see if the ball was still in the catcher’s glove. After what seemed like forever Luke heard a loud yell that said

“OUT!” Luke was ecstatic but he knew there was one more out to get. Luke struck the next kid out in three pitches. Luke then knew they had won and before he knew it his team was dog piling him. This was the happiest moment of his life. Luke then realized he had beaten Ben and won the state championship!

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