Where does the Loyalty Truly Lie

February 22, 2012
Once upon a time there was a little girl who was carefree and wild

Always happy and having fun. Not rain nor wind or storm could keep her down. In fact she loved the rain and the to some scary storms.

She made a few good friends along the winding road

a shy young girl with pretty brown hair.

Not yet had she emerged from her shell

As time grew on the little girl and her friend became inseparable and always were together

Playing pretend games and they were never once bored, with their big imaginations that they let run.

then the little girls became middle scholars and still they were really oh so close

But then the girl and her friend were beginning to separate. The brown haired girl became "too busy" for her friend and went on with her life maybe talking a few times or passing each other in the hall.

So the girl decided to make some new friends.

At first it seemed hard but being such a social butterfly it became easier

The girl befriend a boy who made her laugh and they would talk for hours and hours on end

Eventually the brown haired girl and the other girl became best friends once again and the girl thought why don't we become a trio so they did the three kids became the best of friends as they went on to high school

Then things were good they would always hang out always go everywhere together and knew each other like the back of their hand

After a while things became weird

The brown haired girl and the boy became especially close and became a couple. The girl didn't like that at all not that she was jealous it was just too weird. Just being around the two made her sick.

So she kept her distance. The boy was sad because his best friend was getting hurt.

So he broke up with the girl so he wouldn't have to choose b/w his best friend and girlfriend

At first it was very awkward but eventually the three finally became best buds once again, everything was good and right.

Then the two went behind the girls back and dated again. at first the girl was so very mad and couldn't stand the thought. The brown haired girl was jealous of how close the boy and girl were so she excluded her form his life

The girl was so upset she told herself not to cry but no matter what she did she couldn't let go. She was betrayed and hurt but to this day she still stays loyal.

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