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February 28, 2012
By RhinoSaurusRexPlease GOLD, Kapolei, Hawaii
RhinoSaurusRexPlease GOLD, Kapolei, Hawaii
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"I'm the only real thing," -- Kyle Austin Perfect

Everyday I used to daydream of being with you, as if it would actually happen. I would try an imagine how your fingertips would feel against my bare skin. I would dance to the music that we would make, but only in my head. You were the one who kept my world spinning, but then one day you were gone. You disappeared from my life, like a flash of lightning. I missed you, you know, but you were so far away... What did you expect me to do? Then, the ambulance came to my house.

I watched with a hardened heart as my mom was taken into the ambulance with tears in her eyes. I could hear her promising to be home by tomorrow. I wished that was true. That night, I called you, remember that? It's been almost a year since I've heard your voice, and you were the only one I would turn to in these kinds of situations. Do you remember me calling you 3 years ago, after the cops had left? After I pressed charges against my uncle for treating me bad for years? Do your remember that I called you for advice on my boyfriends that I had trouble with because they weren't you? I can't believe that after all these years, you haven't changed your number.

Well, I called you and everything came back at once. I felt every emotion, every word I used to say and feel. I was never like that with anyone else. I've been waiting for Mr. Perfect all my life, but has he been sitting in front of me for all of these years? I remember it all started because my best friend didn't text me back. My impatience, but you already knew about that didn't you? Then came Christmas. It was 2008, if I could remember correctly. I was in the 8th grade, you were in the 10th. That was when I fell in love with you, you know. The next day, you were on a plane to Australia. You never texted back for two whole weeks. That was hell on me, you know. It wasn't too nice living without you for that long. I remember the day you came back, though. I received a text message on my phone, saying something corny like, "Hiya." That was when my day got even brighter.

When we were talking, you overheard me saying how everything was a figment of my imagination - everything I was feeling. You got offended, remember that? And you told me, "I'm the only real thing." That, sir, you are. You're the only real thing in my heart. Do you remember my response? I said, "That, you are. Don't get me wrong, you're as real as it gets. It's just everything I'm feeling right now. I mean... I don't believe in fairy tales anymore." Do you want to know what I really wanted to say?

I love you.

The author's comments:
This is actually dedicated to the guy I've been in love with for the past few years... A recent conversation with him inspired this.

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