January 27, 2012
By MaryEllenCags SILVER, Fanwood, New Jersey
MaryEllenCags SILVER, Fanwood, New Jersey
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"I'm not an arsonist. But I am a pyromaniac." -Kieth Richards, Life

The siren calls and the masses pour out of the doors and into the halls. Shuffling on either side, two different directions, they move like animals off to slaughter.

Teeth gnash; ape screams create a buzz that hangs above like a sweltering humidity. Two lovers pin themselves against a wall, held there by the force of the moving crowd. Lovingly, they embrace each other as if they were about to take off into the sky and lose themselves forever. Slamming metal doors. Slamming footsteps. Slamming bodies. They all coincide, creating one united crash. The beady-eyed girlchild behind thick glasses cowers as she tries to push through the even thicker wall of laughter and chaos. Bodies, bodies, bodies. Everywhere, every square inch of space occupied by some nervous, self-loathing humanity. Minds elsewhere, fantasizing big breasts or Friday night or teacher or all three together.

The siren screams again, the visions vanish, the fallen ones peel themselves from the ground, and the masses rush into the doors like animals about to be slaughtered.

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