Don't Expect a Tomorrow

February 14, 2012
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It was a cold day in November; two days after Halloween. Sam was walking home from school when he saw smoke, cop cars, ambulances, and fire trucks sweeping past him really fast. Sam got really worried and was wondering what happened. He knew it was by his house and so he kept walking.
Suddenly when he reached home he could not believe his eyes. This could not be happening to him, he thought. He saw his house burning down and firefighters trying to put out the fire. The first thing he was concerned about were his belongings rather than his family. When he tried to go inside the cops asked him “Is this your house?”
“Yes officer, this is my house. What happened? Is everything okay? What about my belongings and family? Are they all fine?” he asked decisively.
“I am sorry Mr. Moore, I do not know what happened and the whole house is damaged. And your family, well they are being taken to the hospital as they are hurt pretty bad. Would you like to go see them in the hospital?” asked Mr. Phillips.
“I would like to go inside the house first, and then we could go,” said Sam.
“I am sorry you cannot go inside as the fire is still on, so let’s go visit your family in the hospital,” said Mr. Phillips.
“Fine,” Sam said roughly.
As soon as they reached the hospital, Sam was told that his family was in the I.C.U. and he could not see them. He was also told to wait a while and he could see them once they came out. They waited for a while and finally the doctor came out.
“Hello Mr. Moore, I am really sorry to say this but no one from your family was saved,” Doctor Smith said with sadness.
On hearing this news, Sam broke into tears. One reason was because well he lost his family and everyone is heartbroken when you lose your family. This was his family, and now he has no one to call his own as his mother, father, and sister have all passed away. And then suddenly he grew more miserable when what happened that morning before going to school, came to his mind.
“Shut up Raynie, I do not care about everything you will miss if you do not go to school today,” Sam said to his sister rudely.
“But, all I am asking you to do is go to my teachers afterschool and just ask them what I missed,” Raynie asked him politely.
“Too bad I am not going after school and wasting my time to ask your teachers what you missed. Now let me go before I am late to school,” Sam said leaving.
“Bye Raynie,” Sam said in a rush.
When Sam went downstairs, his mom prepared breakfast for him but he rejected it.
“Here you go Sam, I made you an omelet so you don’t have to prepare your own breakfast and be late to school,” his mom said giving it to him.
“Eww mom! I will never eat this, I hate omelets; don’t you know that? And I rather be late to school than eat this. Who told you to make it anyways? Did I ask you to make it? Well I am not going to eat this,” Sam said rudely.
“The last time I checked you loved omelets. But anyway Sam you will be very hungry, just eat it,” his told him caringly.
“No mom. Bye,” Sam said rudely as he left.
When Sam came outside, it was snowing and so there was no way he could walk to school. So he decided to go back in and ask his father for a ride.
“Dad! I need a ride to school; I am running late hurry up!” Sam ordered.
“Wait Sam, I am running a little late as I woke up late. Please wait for a minute,” asked his dad kindly.
“No dad, just come here or I will walk to school in this horrible weather and if I hurt myself, well then I will know who to blame,” Sam said in a blackmailing way.
“Sam, I told you I am running a little late, wait a minute,” his dad ordered.
“No dad, I will be late. This was a waste of time. Well bye I am going to walk to school in this freezing weather,” said Sam going toward the door.
“Sam just wait for your father. You will not be late,” his mother said coming towards the door.
“No mom, I am already running late. Glad to know how much everyone cares. Bye,” Sam said leaving.
When remembering what happened that very morning between him and his parents, Sam got really depressed. First he lost his family, and to make it worse he remembered how he was very rude to them the last time he saw them. Thinking of this made Sam pass out.
“Beep beep beep beep,” Sam’s alarm rang.
Sam wakes up freaking out and looks at his surroundings. He was back in his house. He thought to himself how did that happen? How is he back in this house when it was on fire and burned down? He looked at his cell phone and the date on it was the second. He realized everything that happened was just a dream and he actually did not lose his family. He started to regret whenever he was rude to his family and rushed downstairs and hugged his parents and sister.
“I am really sorry for whenever I was rude to you guys. Please forgive me I will never be rude to you guys again,” said Sam.
Everyone was confused about what happened and why he was apologized. But whatever the reason was they were glad he said that because he had been rude in the past and they forgave him. This dream taught Sam many lessons for life which will always stay with him.

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