First Date (Valentine's Day)

February 14, 2012
By Ridiff_Jenaux BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
Ridiff_Jenaux BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
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(Guy and girl sitting in truck unsure of what to do long pause)
Guy: I got you some chocolates.
Girl: Oh. Thank you. (looks at box. About to open it. Guy watching her.) (off to side) should I eat one now? What if it’s gross?
(two smile at each other. She opens box and eats one. He smiles and looks off to side. She gets a gross look on her face and spits out the chocolate.)
Guy: (starts to chew minty gum)
Girl: (Puts on chap stick)
Guy: You looked nice tonight.
Girl: Um… thank you. (long awkward pause) I had a really fun time tonight.
Guy: Yeah. Me too.
(long awkward pause)
Girl: So… what now?
Guy: Um… I guess I’m supposed to kiss you now.
Girl: Okay?
Guy: Um… alright (starts to lean in very awkwardly)
Girl: (acting awkward not sure what to do and panicked) (off to side) what do I do. Should I like turn my head or what?
(They are about to kiss then girl’s phone goes off singing “Are you going to kiss me or not?” The two are surprised)
Girl: (girl takes out phone and looks at it). (off to side) Oh thank goodness. Oh sorry I have to take this. “Hello?”
Guy: (looks sad). (off to side) dang it.
Girl: Yeah okay. No, no I’m fine. Okay. I’m right outside. Nothing. Just talking. Okay. Bye. Sorry that was my mom.
Guy: (looks panicked because he’s running out of time) Oh well. Alright….ready?
Girl: (off to side) Just do it already. Yeah I’m ready.
(about to kiss again. Girl looks to side.)
Girl: Oh my gosh!
(dad is looking out door waving her to come on. She waves back for him to go in. Dad shakes head no and says come on. She says wait one minute!)
Guy: (off to side) creepy family. Okay. Lets get this over with. Oh wait no I’m not saying I’m trying to get rid of you or anything.
Girl: Oh no. I understand.
Narrator: Afterwards
(two already kissed)
Girl: (wipes mouth)
Guy: (off to side) Was that right? Did I slobber? Um… that was nice.
Girl: (looks offended) Sure (sarcastically).
(long awkward pause)
Guy: So…. I guess good night.
Girl: Yeah good night. (does it quickly and nervously) (girl walks inside and sees dad watching her)
Narrator (brother): Well did you have a fun time? That look like a nice kiss.
Girl: OH MY GOSH! You were you watching us the whole time?!
Narrator: No (mischievously)
Girl: Whatever. Good night.
Narrator: Good night. (creepily)

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