My Other Half/ Denouement of The Kite Runner

February 3, 2012
By GIcell De La Cruz BRONZE, New York, New York
GIcell De La Cruz BRONZE, New York, New York
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Before leaving back to his home, Amir Jan felt he needed to take Sohrab to his father’s death place. He wanted Sohrab to take one last look at this country, and his old life he really wanted. He is going to begin his new life in America with a new family. They went to Kabul noticing things are a lot saver: streets were more cleaned up, building were being remodeled. Once they got to Amir’s childhood home, Sohrab fell on his knees and started sob and scream out, ”BABA, BABA, BABA, why did you leave me?” Amir Jan only stared at poor Sohrab, whipping his tears on pure concrete.

After a while, Amir grabbed him by the shoulders, “Sohrab, he’s in a better place, I promise.”

Sohrab turned and looked at Amir. “You promise?” he said.

“I promise, Sohrab.”
As they walked back to the vehicle, Amir holding Sohrab’s little hands, they gave the house one last look, and went off to the airport.

Coming home felt amazing. Soraya and Sohrab worked on building a relationship. After a few days, Soraya gave everyone a surprise. They were all sitting at the dinner table when she said, “Sohrab, what do you think of a baby cousin?” Amir’s mouth dropped, and tears started rolling out of his eyes. He was in shock.
“I am pregnant, Amir.”
Sohrab clapped, “Uncle Amir, this is wonderful!”
Amir ran to his bedroom and placed his rug on the floor, sobbing like a baby he started to pray. He wanted to give thanks to Allah for this merciful blessing.

Four months had passed and Soraya was six months pregnant, and Sohrab was starting school.
“He will be fine,” said Soraya, as they both watched him walk forth into his school.
Amir yelled,”Sohrab!”
Sohrab looked back, searching for the individual shouting his name.
Amir yelled again, “Sohrab, for you a thousand times over.” Soharb smiled and waved, he waved until the school doors closed. Amir took Soraya’s hand. “I know,” he said.

The author's comments:
My writing piece is a short denouement of the book The Kite Runner. I would like my audience to see a different picture of the ending to the book, The Kite Book.

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