A Polar Bear & Sled Dogs

February 10, 2012
By Rayven_18 BRONZE, La Vista, Nebraska
Rayven_18 BRONZE, La Vista, Nebraska
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One fine winter day, as Bobbie’s sled dogs were out playing in the snow they were spotted by a 150lb. polar bear. The bear had been wandering out in the ice for four days and hadn’t found a single piece of food. As soon as the bear saw the dogs its' stomach start to growl. It grew very hungry and was thinking about how great one of those dogs would taste, or maybe even all eight of them. Slowly the bear started to creep up on the dogs. The bear had not gone twenty inches when the dogs spotted him and started to bark. Even though they started to bark that didn’t stop the bear, he just kept on creeping towards them. When he finally reached the dogs he decided that it just wasn’t a good idea to eat the dogs, so he instead he let the dogs know that he was friendly. The dogs sensed that he was so they hung out all day long until it got dark. As the bear turned to leave he said, “I can’t wait to come back, and play again.”

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