The Failure Son

January 21, 2012
By TheDystopianWorld BRONZE, Johns Creek, Georgia
TheDystopianWorld BRONZE, Johns Creek, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
"Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once."
~William Shakespeare~

"Man, I see in fight club the strongest and smartest men who've ever lived. I see all this potential, and I see squandering. God damn it

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."
~Albert Einstein~

It is to my knowledge that humans as a race are able bodied but weak of mind. In the most common of tragedy they will surcome …if the opportunity arises. Pitiful.

On a cold February evening the Devil’s son casually stepped into a hospital built smack dab in the middle of New York City. He walked up to the front desk and grabbed himself a lollipop, cherry favored, and continued down. He made no appointment, he gave the man running the front desk a smile and tipped his hat to him and kept walking . It’s not that no one saw him, but they didn’t stop him…or rather-they couldn’t stop him.

As I’m walking down this hallway the nurse to my right stared directly at me for a bit longer than a typical glance. She wonders what it would be like to have intercourse with me in that disgusting supply closet. Like her, that room hasn’t been touched in years…nonetheless I was raised better than to ignore even the homeliest of females, so I gave her a smile.

The Devil’s son kept walking onward.

I come here quite often for one reason or another. My father would take me to places like this all the time when I was a little boy. I was never sick a day in my life but it’s places like this that brings a small smile to my face. This place has every type of person that the imagination can fathom.

As he casually walked down section E-2 of the lower wing, a team of doctors push him aside for old Mr.Johnson.

Now Doctors are an interesting form of humans. I think I’ll follow this one for a little while.

The doctors and the team of specialists carried him to the first operation room to the left and began operating as quickly as they possibly could. The head doctor washed his hands in a frenzy while assistants were swarming the injured old man, desperately, trying to keep him stable. The head doctor had on all his equipment and began to scream.
“Is he stable?!”
An assistant answered, “Sir! He is going in and out!”
“Then give him some of the gas! Move it! Before we lose him!”
The operating room was in a calm panic (so to say). Everyone knew exactly what their job was, for they had done it a thousand times over, but the stresser was the patients condition and whether or not they could preform their individual jobs fast enough.
“Doctor! There’s too much blood!”
The head doctor howled, “Than get on it! We are not losing him!”

The Devil’s son laughed deeply to himself.

He thinks that deep in his soul he wants to save this poor old man from his death, but in truth it’s so much less than that. I know what you thinking Dr.Kim…This is it. This is your moment, no other person in this room can do what your about to. You have Mr.Johnson’s life, his very being right in the palm of your hand. Ha! It’s the best damn feeling in the world…isn’t it? But…They could never understand, I hold the ultimate power of judgment over them all.

The Devil’s Son snapped his fingers and smiled.

Heh, I think I will take my leave now, it would be ashamed to ruin my new shoes after all that blood hits the floor.

I kept walking onward for I am on a tight schedule today, but I always have time to stop by the children’s section. Come to think of it, in every note worthy piece of literature throughout the ages children have always been describe as innocent beings, but their record does not precede them. …All life from the beginning of time was born with evil engraved into them. By nature every man, woman, and even something as innocent and simple minded as a child was born without any natural good. It is by societal force that humans have advanced pass their savage ways and even still they are lacking as a whole.

The Devil’s son got out of the elevator and walked down the gray hallway. However this was the children’s section so there was at least a pathetic attempt to add colors on the walls with the children’s doodles taped sloppy fashion. The Devil’s son walked passed the abandoned toys on the floor and into the first room that he saw.
The room smells like piss and apple juice. It’s like a really depressing day care care…just with less noise.
This is a general room where most of the children with the same illness are kept. All the children were laying in their separate beds. They were all sleeping…all but one.
“Hello. Who are you?”
She noticed me.

She was a little girl laying on the bed next to the door. She was wearing a sweater over her patients robes, but unlike the other children she didn’t have a cap or a wrap to cover her bald head. She looked up at The Devil’s son with very her very big, deep sunken in eyes.
Her name is Emily Jakens , she’s about nine years old and from the looks of it she hasn’t seen sunlight in a good long time. Well, it’s expected for someone who has been living here for two years.
“My name is Emily. What’s your name?”
The Devil’s son didn’t expect anyone to still be awake at this time so he left himself totally exposed, so he had no choice but to answer,
“Hello. I go by many names, but you can call me Judas.”
Emily gave the Devil’s son a another smile, “What are you doing here Judas? Are you visiting someone?”
“You could say that. I like to come here and visit many of the patients and some of the doctors as well”, as he said that he had a small smirk on his face.
The Devil’s son glance away for a moment and the little dancer on Emily’s night stand caught his attention. Before he even glanced away Emily began to speak,
“I love to dance. I use to be really good at it too. Than I got kind of sick…”
He decided to indulge her, “What style did you like the best?”
“The Waltz. It’s an old dance, and all my friends think that I’m weird but…I like it. Soon when I get out of this place, the fist thing I’m going to do is go dancing.”

Unlikely. Her cancer has reached it’s final stage and in exactly two weeks, three days and twelve hours from now she will die a slow and miserable death.
“All the doctors said that I should be fine to leave this place soon.”

They lied.
“My mom and dad said that they would take me back to my dance classes too. I can’t wait!”
They lied too.
The Devil’s son decided that there was no harm continuing the conversation, he might as well for she was going to die soon anyways.
“Do you feel like your getting better?”
“Well, no. I get tired and sleep a lot of the time and I’m not hungry ever….But I know that I’m going to get better……..”, Emily paused for a long moment than continued, “Even if I don’t get better…that’s alright with me.”
“Oh, and why is that?”
“Cause Jesus and all his angels are watching after me and…and if I don’t make it my mommy said that I will live with them and that everything will be alright.”
Now THAT is a lie if I’ve ever heard a lie in my life
“Oh…I see.
I don’t think this girl has met an honest person in her entire life…How could anyone live life like this? She’s scared senseless of the idea of death, and yet she’s sitting here with a smile on her face eating up all that bullshit everyone is giving her…why?
I don’t know what’s come over me but…

“Emily, would you care to dance with me?”

“Do you know how to dance?”
“Of course I do, I’ve been dancing ever since I was your age.”
“What kind of dances do you know?”
“I know all kinds, but my favorite is the waltz as well.”
The Devil’s son threw his hat to one side and took off his coat. He slicked back his long hair, then he extended out his right hand and gave Emily a small bow,
“My dear Lady Emily, will you do me the honor of having this dance with me?”
She gave the Devil’s Son a warm giggle and nodded her head. Emily pushed herself upward in an attempted to position herself away from the bed, however she was too weak to move herself.
She can hardly stand. Her fragile pale body is like a twig; I put my hand around her waist to support her out of the her bed…I could feel her rib cage. Once she was out of bed, I took the first step forward and she reacted almost immediately. At first she stumbled for a bit, but that was typical for someone with so little strength. Soon as the dance progress her steps became more confidant and she started to support her weight.
Something is missing…hmm…Oh! Music!
“Judas, do you hear music?”, Emily asked in a confused tone.
“No. I don’t hear anything but the night.”
The two twirled around the piss smelling hospital room as if it was a ballroom fit for a queen. For the first time in mouths Emily didn’t feel like her life was slipping away from her. She had a warmth in her heart that even someone so cold as the Devil’s son could not ignore.
I’m a fool for what I’m about to do…Father won’t like this one bit.
As the two danced across the room together the Devil’s son asked, “Emily, could you do me a favor?”
“What kind of favor?”
“Just close your eyes for me.”
“Do you trust me?”
“Than please close your eyes for me.”
Emily did as she was asked and closed her eyes. Once she did, the music began to fade away into the distance. It was as if all the magic that Emily felt had been replace, not by the sadness that she once felt but by a sense of serenity. At that moment her mind stopped spinning, and the waltz was no more.
The Devil’s Son walked out of the room in a silent but yet peaceful manner. He closed the door behind him with caution so that he wouldn’t disturb the ones that were sleeping inside. He fixed his tie, brushed off his suit, and started to walk away. As he did, he pause for a moment and looked back at the room. He stood there looking back for a long time-emotionless-dark as the night surrounding the hospital. Nothing was said…All that was heard were footsteps fading away into the night.

And life goes on.

The author's comments:
The Devil's son is walking around a hospital to have some fun. In the hospital as the reader you can hear his thoughts and what he is thinking of. However, on a word document everything it got to one of his thoughts, the text would be in bold.

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