January 18, 2012
By Anonymous

Mary was your ordinary high school girl with good grades, nice parents, and friends. She was not the most popular girl in school but she still had many noticeable friends. She had a very special relationship with her family unlike most teenagers who prefer not to be even seen with their parents. This connection helped her self-esteem and confidence, and she liked being trusted. Her best friend, Haydée, on the other hand was the complete opposite: bad grades, abusive parents, drugs, alcohol, boyfriends, and from time to time she even disappeared for days. The only reason why they were friends was because of their deep love for each other and understanding, they had always felt like they were sisters switched at birth.
One day Mary was walking home from school when she was approached by two men. They came up to her and said, “Today at 5 o’clock, we are going to stop by your home and take you.” At which point they left her. She was so confused and terrified that she ran the rest of the way home to tell her parents two strange men had threatened her saying they were going to kidnap her at 5 o’clock. Her parents were amused not believing her. Mary begged and pleaded to her parent to believe her, but they didn’t by saying why would kidnappers tell her they were going to kidnap her? This made Mary think and she concluded by agreeing with her parents, yet uncertainty lay in her heart.
As the day progressed and time went by excruciatingly slow, Mary began to be more and more frightened. Finally there came a point she couldn’t take it anymore so she grabbed her bike and rode to Haydée’s house as quickly as she could.
When she arrived at Haydée's home she noticed something peculiar, Haydée was not yet home. This was particularly strange since school had let out nearly three hours ago and she should have been home already. Now Mary experienced full-on paranoia. She ran to the nearest store and stayed there until 6 o’clock just to be safe then she headed home.
When she arrived home her parents were waiting for her at the door and furious not that she cared for she ran to them and hugged them asking whether or not two strange men had come by their house. They responded no and that they had not even seen her leave the house. Mary was grateful that the men had not come so she dismissed her parents’ reprimands and went to her room. She threw herself on her bed and took a nap. She woke up about a half hour later and found a note on her bed from her parents saying they had gone to the store to buy some groceries. Mary tossed the note aside and went to the living room.
She stepped into the living room and saw the two strange men sitting on the couch nonchalantly as if it were their home, they turned towards her and said, “Nice to see you there Mary,” and smirked. Mary instantly ran out the door only to be caught by Haydée whom appeared to have just arrived. She asked Mary what’s wrong she was sweating and looked frightened, Mary just pulled Haydée toward the neighbor’s yard and tried to quiet her when suddenly Haydée’s body became limp and fell on Mary. At that instant she felt a searing pain in her abdomen; she looked down and saw blood on her hand.
“So what are we gonna do man?” said a man’s voice.
A second male voice said, “well we’re gonna stick to the original plan.”
“Yeah but –" he was interrupted by the second man, “But what? Huh? You already killed someone!”
“Look I’m real sorry I don’t know what I was thinking, but hey at least I remembered the gun silencer, muffler, WHATEVER,” said the first man.
The second man sighed and said, “yeah lotta good that did. You shoulda just brought her here too, dummy!”
Mary opened her eyes slightly and saw she was in some sort of room with a single light hanging from the middle of the room blinking and dull. No one else was in the room but her the voices were coming from outside. She propped herself up and looked around the room, she almost threw up. There were body parts strewn all over the little room: ears, legs, fingers, abdomens, everything. On the far corner she saw a door-the only door- and from it hung a clown dripping with blood that seemed to never stop flowing. She screamed and fainted.
Two years later Haydée’s body was recovered in Mary’s back yard along with all the other body parts that were in the room. Mary was never found-not that she wanted to be found. She lived with the two men and they were constantly traveling always on the move. Mary died an old lady with no name or records her parents never stopped searching for her and Mary had even visited them without their knowing.

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