Gasping For Breath

February 1, 2012
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I fell onto my hands and knees with my head bowed. I was gasping for breath but couldn't partake and oxygen. Tears slithered down my cheek bones, to my chin, then soon enough, plopped onto the rough, but slick concrete. With burning scrapes on my palms and knees. It was unbearable. The pain kept coming and coming, and increasing and increasing. I tried to fight with it, but it wouldn't give in. The rain then poured onto, what is now called my soaking hair. A van drove by the curb soaking me even more. I was shivering, so much that my arms couldn't sustain me and hold me up any longer. There I fell onto my right cheek. Unable to pick myself up, I decided just to lay there, hopelessly. Through my eyes all I could see was a blur. All my questions and thoughts and visions were streaching through my mind. Questions and thoughts and visions that could not be solved. If only it were as easy as solving a puzzle.

I eventually started crawling my way to the closest house I could find. I looked as if I were a walrus while I was crawling.

Struggling, I proceeded onward. The clouds darkened more and more. Or at least they seem to be.

I finally reached the house, crawled up the steps to the porch with all my might and strength. I rang the doorbell. A tall, fat, bald man with an unshaved face opened the door. I said, "Please, help me." All he did was slam the door in my face. I cried. I rolled off the porch. The coldness kept coming. I couldn't take it much longer! With a few sniffles here and there, my eyes had shut on me. Everything was black.

I remained back on concious. I then heard sirens. then I saw red, white, and blue flashing lights appearing closer and closer. Still, all through my eyes, all I could see was a blur. The next thing I knew, they were rushing me down the hospital halls. Blury visions of lights shinning down at me from above. Doctors shouting, "Hang in there," or, "Almost there," or perhaps, "It's gonna be okay." I heard the opening of a door. The layed me on a bed. If my blurry eyes could make it out correctly, I saw a needle. The stung me with it, and I was fast asleep.

"My poor baby."
"Mrs. Jenkins?"
"Oh why? How could this come upon us?"
"Mrs. Jenkins?"
"Where's my baby? Where is she?"
"Mrs. Jenkins?"
"Oh Doctor, please, where's my baby?"
"Mrs. Jenkins, please may I have a word with you?"

They walked away from the observing crowd.

"I have news to tell you about your daughter, she seems to be.......

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