How to Get a Free Meal at a Fast Food Restaurant

December 13, 2011
By rgarcia94 BRONZE, Surprise, Arizona
rgarcia94 BRONZE, Surprise, Arizona
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Do you ever go to a fast food restaurant but not have enough money to supply your cravings? As long as you have a car and good acting skills, you can get a free meal from any place at any time; no matter the budget! Simply follow these eight simple, yet ethically moral challenging steps and you will have your meal.

Prepare Yourself.
Practice staying calm, cool, and collected. Blowing your cover by not having a straight face could be devastating to your whole mission… You do not want that.

Stay Calm.
Remember, the absolute worst thing that could happen is failure. If this happens; simply just move on to the next unsuspecting restaurant.

Choose Your Victim.
Picking the correct restaurant is vital to your mission. Scout out areas to find a place that is very busy and easy to fool. The employees will be in such a rush to make sure all the customers’ deliveries are fulfilled that they won’t notice.

Get Ready to Make Your Attack.
Wait for a car to go in front of you to order in the drive-thru. Make sure that by the time you get to the speaker, there is another car behind you and the order has been taken.

Start the Procedure.
Tell the order taker that you regret to inform them that you have mysteriously lost of left your wallet at home/work. Then ask to drive on through the windows. (Be sure to sound as calm and convincing as possible to not arouse suspicion).

Pull up to the First Window.
Tell the money collector at the first window that you did not order anything. Wait until the car behind you is done ordering their food to pull up to the next window.

Pull up for the Car.
You don’t want to pull up all the way to the next window, pulling up four to five feet should allow enough room for the car behind you. While pulling up, avoid making eye contact with the person in the drive-thru window. Act as if you are putting something away or searching for something “important” on the floor. This is the most crucial part of the process; the purpose of this step is to wait for the car behind you to pay for their meal.

Claim your prize.
Once you see the car behind you hand the employee their payment, ease up to the final window. You MUST keep a straight face. The person on the other side of the second window can not see any kind of nervousness or fear in your eyes. This could- no, it WILL- cost you your meal. Once they open the window, they will say something along the lines of “Did you order…?” or “Did you have the…?”
After all morals have been thrown out the window, you simply say that magical three letter word… “Yes.” This is by far the hardest part to do with a straight face. Then, after they hand you the food you “ordered” drive away calmly and hope the people behind you were hungry… Enjoy your meal!

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